Friends toasting shot glasses in nightclub. Image shot 2010. Exact date unknown.

Enjoy responsibly!

CAN I be the first one to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It’s that time again when everyone feels like doing one of the craziest things in their life just in the name of fun.

It is the season of mixing and mingling, meeting new people and to many couples, this season has lots of memories and I mean good ones, sorry to those ones whom it got messed up during this time of the year.

Do not end up adding yourself to the statistics of those who messed up their lives during the festive season. All I’m saying is enjoy but remember who you are, where you are going and behave.

There are a lot of parties during the festive season, make sure you do not get carried away and do something which will ruin your relationship forever. Enjoy knowing your limits and do not make a mistake which will haunt you forever. Do not shoot yourself in the foot!

Sisters, just imagine a day such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve after going out with your partner, but on the following day you wake up in between the sheets with his best friend! Yes, such incidents do happen and guess what happens thereafter? It will be over, just because of one stupid mistake.

I know that when one attends a party, she wants to fit in and enjoy like everyone else. I find it hard to understand women and I mean those in steady relationships who go out of their way to try and be like ‘‘party animals’’.

All I mean is that you go out at a party or just out with your partner and after realising that some women ‘‘party animals’’ are in skimpy dresses and dancing like crazy, you decide to copy. The minute you start behaving like them, all goes wrong.

First, your husband gets lost and starts wondering about your character. Believe me, he starts recalling all those days when you attended parties and believes that means you acted like this. You can think that because you are at a party, you are free to dance with any man and they hold you like you will never separate. Your man will be jealous and it can happen that he starts dancing with other women as well and that will mark the beginning of new things between the two.

Remember, by ‘‘party animals’’ I am referring to those women who are attending parties not just to enjoy, but to market themselves and get men. If you do not behave at parties, you will lose your partner. Enjoy having limits and guard your territory always.

It’s not only on the man’s side, even you could get too close to someone, each level will lead to another until you lose control and he takes advantage of you. Do not mess up your life because of a one day event!

Please sisters, when you go out, dress sexy, but do not reveal much!

I remember this other day when it was a ‘‘girl’s night out’’, there was a man in the company of his wife. I tell you the woman was gifted; she was a good dancer and entertained people for hours. You could see that the husband was embarrassed and he tried numerous times to take her off the stage, but the woman would have none of it. It was as if she was possessed. It was clear that the woman spoilt their night as her husband watched her dance with other men ‘‘strangers’’ and by the time they left you could see that things were not well and only God knows what happened when they got home.

Sisters, when you go out with your partner, remember to enjoy, but behave.

Festive season, its family time. Fewer arguments at homes and more good news to your partners. Do not be one of those women who chase her partner away because you complain and shout at him from sunset to sunrise. If you act in such a manner, you will force him to visit his friends everyday and they will get tired because they also want to enjoy their privacy.

It is that time of making him enjoy the benefits of being your man!

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