Forward Tutani (right) with Chicken Hut spokesperson Miss Tryphina Ndlovu

Endorsements, employment for ‘fair share’ man

Michael Magoronga

When Forward Tutani recorded the comic video in which he blames his wife for not being “fair” when dishing food at home, little did he know that he had indirectly planted his CV and it would land him a job at one of the leading fast foods outlets.

After seeing the video, which went viral on social media platforms, fast food outlet Chicken Hut embarked on a hunt for the emerging comedian.

Initially, the plan was to treat Tutani to a delicious “fair share” meal. Little did they know it would develop into a bond between the two parties.

After discovering that Tutani was actually a holder of 5 O-level subjects but was unemployed and had resorted to drug abuse, the food outlet decided to offer the man a job within the fast growing company.

Besides the job, Tutani also got himself advertising endorsements in a deal where he will be a brand ambassador for Chicken Hut and feature on the company’s advertisements.

Chicken Hut spokesperson Miss Tryphina Ndlovu said the decision to give Tutani a job came after the company directors were touched by the family man’s plight.

“When we called him, we only wanted to give a fair share meal, for him and his wife. But as he opened more about himself, we discovered that the man was in possession of 5-O levels and had recently lost his job as a security guard. We said why not give him a try,” said Miss Ndlovu.

Miss Ndlovu said Tutani, just like any other new employee, had been engaged in the cleaning department where he is expected to rise through the ranks in due course.

She said Tutani would also work in the advertising section of the company where he will be their brand ambassador and feature on their advertisements. She said his comedy career would be nurtured with a view of carving a niche in public speaking, angling him to officiate at gatherings as a master of ceremonies.

Tutani hailed the company for realising his dream when he was going through his lowest.

“I had lost my job with a security company and I have been battling to get my money from the company. I was having fun with my friends when I recorded the video that went viral, but I thank God it has turned my life around,” he said. He said he would take his career as a comedian further. “With the assistance of the company, I intend to take my comedy career further. And for the record my wife is not that, she is the coolest person ever, she dishes fairly,” he said with a naughty chuckle on his face.

Chicken Hut his a fast growing fast food outlet which currently has three branches across the country.

The company recently struck a deal with Puma that will see the food outlet opening a branch at every Puma Service Station across the country.