Qhubani Moyo

Elections fake nail ban: Women react

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WE wona��t vote then!
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commissiona��s eleventh hour shocker that women with fake nails and nail polish will not vote sent social media on fire and salons suddenly talking politics.

Social media, particularly twitter was awash with registered voters tearing into the electoral commission on its decision to ban voting with fake nails.

Some took the opportunity to diss slay queens saying voting was not for fashion divas but serious people.

However, some women welcomed the development and said it was necessary.

Naomi Ncube, a beauty therapist operating from a local nail bar said nothing would stop her from casting her ballot.

a�?Nothing Zec says will stop me from casting my ballot. If they say get rid of manicure, Ia��m doing it. If they said I should remove my Brazilian weave or mascara, so be it. If Ia��m to wash off all my makeup I will do it because it is my right to vote,a�? she said when the news crew went around some salons.

Thembi Ndlovu, a beauty therapist in one of the citya��s beauty parlours tore into the electoral commissiona��s decision and said it was irrelevant after the introduction of Biometric Voter Registration (BVR).

a�?This whole process is unnecessary because the ink is now irrelevant. I cannot vote twice with or without the ink because my fingerprint will register that I have cast my ballot. Zec must just move with the times because I foresee most women not voting.

Zec Commissioner Dr Qhubani Moyo advised women with fake nails and nail polish to get rid of it if they intended to vote.

a�?All registered voters should be warned that they will not be allowed to cast their ballots with fake nails or nail polish or any such cosmetic additions which will hinder identification,a�? said Dr Moyo.

He said the ban of manicure and nail polish was in order to ensure that the ink was in contact will real skin and nail bed.

a�?This is meant to expose the original body parts. It is for the purposes of inking and as such we urge women out there who are intending to cast their ballots on July 30 to come prepared in order to avoid disappointment. The ink is meant to stay for a long time to prevent individuals from voting more than once but if one has fake nails or nail polish he or she can wash it off or remove nails,a�? said Dr Moyo.

Moyo clarified that only the little finger needed to be exposed, following the backlash after our sister paper Chronicle ran a story on Thursday.

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