Sandra Ndebele

Election season gets artistes smiling

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MONEY in the bank!

Campaigns for the 2018 Hamonised elections for both political party rallies and Non-Political Organisation (NPO), who encouraged the masses to register and vote peacefully, have local artistes who participated in their programmes smiling all the way to the bank.

The ruling party Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) held different political campaigns across the country that saw artistes such as Sandra Ndebele, Madlela Skhobokhobo and the sungura maestro Aleck Macheso entertaining the crowds in some of the partya��s rallies.

NPOs which held campaigns across the country includes peace building organisations Go Zim and Heal Zimbabwe who held their a�?Get Out and Vote campaignsa�?, the National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) and Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) who conducted a�?door to door voter registrationa�? campaigns.

Artistes who featured in these campaigns include the countrya��s second expensive artiste to hire, Winky D, Dancehall chanter She Calaz, Ex Q, Hwabaraty, Clement Magwaza, Guluva 7even, Asaph, Gunz Da Pharoah, to mention only a few.

To hire Winky D for a gig costs $5 500 excluding transportation costs, if he participated in at least four campaigns across the country it means he made a cool $22 000 all together.

As most Bulawayo artistes including Sandra Ndebele, Clement Magwaza and Madlela Skhobokhobo didna��t want to disclose the amount they got paid in these campaigns, they all revealed that they are satisfied with their packages.

a�?I cana��t disclose the amount I was paid for participating in political campaigns but what I can say is I am satisfied as an artiste,a�? said Magwaza.

Skhobokhobo said: a�?I participated in the campaigns because I believe as an artiste people easily follow what I preach and in this instance I was encouraging the masses to register and vote peacefully, money was just an extra.a�?

However, rumour has it that Sandra Ndebele attracted a sum of $3 000 at every rally where she provided entertainment.

If she performed at two Zanu-PF rallies which are the partya��s Youth Convention rally which was held in Gweru and the Hwange rally, combined she received $6 000.

Ita��s not taboo for musicians to perform or participate in political parties.

In the United States of America rappers Jay Z endorsed the former president of that country Barrack Obama, as if that was enough, Young Jeezy and Nas went to the extent of penning Obama a song, My President is Black.

Down the south of Limpopo, artistes like Arthur Mafokate, Cassper Nyovest, Kelly Khumalo and Zahara, to mention a few, have benefited from performing in political rallies. bananas and lisinopril. over the counter asthma inhaler. tadalafil tabs aus malaysja.