Eeeish ita��s hurting in there!

Nhlalwenhle Nucbe


Wondering what I mean? Sisters, I know I have always encouraged you to keep it tight down there, but please it should not be too dry.

Yes, too dry that no matter what your man does to try and turn you on, still your order tadalafil canada. punani stays dry. Just because your toes are curling, do not go for the game when you are still dry.

Be warned, you will not enjoy, neither will your partner, but it will be a sexual encounter full of pain and bruises to treat at the end of the day. Talk of the pains of a dry valley.

Whoever said women should be dry down there misled most people. The truth is that it should not be too watery as if a tap has been leftA� running, but those fluids are needed and are a very essential lubricant for the game.

When a womana��s body gets ready for sex, the vaginal glands secrete a fluid that acts as a lubricant. This is a necessary process that protects the delicate vajayjay and also readies it for penetration.

It is unfortunate that some women are going against their bodiesa�� natural instincts and are resorting to extreme measures to prevent lubrication and keep their vaginas bone dry in the name of tighter and hotter. Shame on them, they are lost! And you increase chance of infection and even condom bursts.

Dry sex is painful, even though it is done in the name of pleasing men, it becomes a turn-off as there will be too much friction during intercourse.

I know some even jump to justify their overdoing it by saying their partners are not gifted or have small things.

Sisters, sisters, the vajayjay expands during the game and then back to its usual size afterwards.

The fluids that are released by the vaginal glands make it easy for the punani to stretch when being penetrated by a larger manhood, but when the vagina is dry penetration becomes the worst nightmare.

Dryness does not only affect sisters, but men will also be on the receiving end as they suffer bruises during the game if the sister is dry down there.

So whether your ex had a large item or not and now you are married to one with a small one, do not over-dry it, let nature take its course. Of course, there are those sisters who suffer from natural dryness, who need extensive stimulation for them to be ready for penetration.

Imagine trying to force down food on a dry sore throat, the feeling is almost the same to that of having to encounter a dry punani on a daily basis.

For sisters that suffer from natural dryness, there are lubricants designed to reduce friction and discomfort from dryness during sexual intercourse. The lubricant is applied inside the vagina or on the penis just before having sex.

Products designed as vaginal lubricants are more effective than lubricants that are not designed for this purpose, such as petroleum jelly. As a result sisters if you are prepared to go an extra mile to eliminate dryness and make the game sail smoothly, go for pharmacy recommended products.

Oil-based lubricants, such as petroleum jelly, baby oil, or mineral oil, can damage condoms and diaphragms and make them less effective in preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, as a result sisters, you have to use the appropriate lubricants.

Sex is a fun game which has to remain that way even after ita��s played, ita��s a bad thing to contract any form of infection during the game.

The other option for sisters suffering from dryness is to visit gynaecologists who always are in a better position to advise you on how to get rid of dryness and which lubricant to use.

In that case I am not worried, because sisters dona��t have problems like men when it comes to seeking for medical expertise from doctors.

One of the things that we have to consider as sisters is that sex is a two-way lane. We have to consider our partners first. Subjecting them to dry sex can be something that will make them think twice about having sex the next time.

Imagine if your man is planning to go down on you, only to discover that you are as dry as a precast wall. That can be a complete turn-off.

Therefore, sisters next time before you upgrade your sex game remember to combat dryness by all means possible, as it can become a dry obstacle to your sexual life.

My parting shot, stop it. No to dry vajayjays!

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