Editorial Comment: Slow down and take it easy

Holidays can be joyful for some, stressful, disappointing and sometimes combative for others.
a�?Everyonea��s stressors are different. If you are in the waiting room and you get tired, you take a break.A� You have to learn to pace yourself during the holidays too.A� You have to know when to take a break, and know that ita��s a�?okaya�� to take a walk, go to your roomA� or get out of the house. There is nothing wrong with chilling out.A� Take it easy; you know yourself,a�? said one bloger.

Holidays present each and everyone of us with time to do a number of things that we cannot do during the normal working environment.A� It is time to be family, reunite and try to build on family holiday traditions but we do not have to push ourselves throughout because our bodies need rest.

This weekend will be long as we celebrate the Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day. These are two important dates on the Zimbabwean calendar as they are dedicated to honouringA� gallant sons and daughters of the soil who fought to liberate this country from colonial bondage.

Others did not live to see the fruits of independence as they perishedA� in the jungles during the struggle, but they are all remembered and their significance standing tall and firm in the mould of the tomb of the unknown soldier at the National Heroes Acre.

The Defence Forces Day is set aside to honour and celebrate the achievements of the defence forces we have in the country, bearing in mind that the peace and tranquility prevailing is because we have committed men and women in the uniformed forces.

The long weekend presents a window for travelling for those who would want to visit tourist resort areas and boost domestic tourism. It also presents a window of opportunity for families who want to do get-togethers, and this all entails travelling, meaning that our major roads and highways will be a lot busier than usual.

The police will maintain their presence on the roads as they seek to control the flow of traffic and arrest would-be offenders. It is, therefore, important that people take stock of their travelling time so that they are not forced to speed. Avoiding speeding will not only save them from the arm of the full force of the law but it will also save their lives as most fatal accidents have been attributed to speeding.

It will also be prudent to make sure that vehicles are in good shape and the person behind the steering wheel has enough rest before they embark on the journey. It is also advisable to travel during the day, although that does not make one immune to any accidents. Most importantly, drivers for both public and private vehicles should strictly abide by the rules of the roads so that everyone arrives alive.

We take this opportunity to salute gallant sons and daughters of the soil who sacrificed their lives to liberate this country. We take this time to salute our uniformed forces for giving us peace of the mind by maintaining order and peace in the country and lastly, we pray that we all arrive alive where ever we are going during the holidays. Enjoy. cialis comprar on line.