EDITORIAL COMMENT: Investing in education the right thing

INVESTING in education always pays off in the long run and we want to salute parents and guardians who were busy early this week sending their children to school.

Sending kids to school nowadays entails a lot of financial sacrifice, but that should be seen as an investment as it is only education that can guarantee our little brothers and sisters a bright future. And the demands have also changed, the Government now demands that every child should attend Early Childhood Education Learning for at least two years before they enrol for Grade One, meaning parents start paying fees earlier than in the past.

a�?Economic crises come and go but young people get just one chance to learn the skills that will get them a job and help them embark on a successful career. Cutting down on education investment because of a temporary economic crisis is short-sighted. It could destroy the lives of a whole generation of young people. Education spending is an investment in our future and should not be part of the governmenta��s fiscal balancea�?, said the Nobel Laureate Economist Christopher Pissarides, Regius Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics.

This message applies to the rest of the world, and we urge parents to try all means to send their children to school. In most cases, schools give parents options to either pay fees in full when schools open or they pay 50 percent and then settle the balance during the course of the term.

Other schools, especially private schools, have arrangements with banks which offer loans to parents for fees, though this means parents have to service the loans every month until their children have finished secondary education, but it is a worthwhile episode.

In addition, parents and guardians who are unable to raise any money to pay fees for their children can apply to the Social Welfare through their schools so that the Government takes care of the fees. This idea is meant to make sure that no one fails to attain education because they come from poor families or are orphans.

Apart from paying fees, parents should take an active interest in the education of their children by monitoring their activities at school and after school.

The education system of today requires both the teacher and the parent to work together for good results to be realised. direct rx buy.