Economy bites Kalawa Homecoming

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AFTER a solid six years as the go to party in December — the Kalawa Homecoming show might not be a “coming” this time around as it hangs in the balance.
In previous years, the show organisers, X MO Squad would have a line-up of the crème dela crème of South Africa’s top acts announced in early November.

However, this year it’s not the case and Vusumuzi Siqalaba of X Mo Squad said it’s all because of the economic situation.

“We haven’t started marketing and advertising the event as yet because we are facing serious challenges in this economy but we hope to start advertising soon,” said Siqalaba.

But he stressed that they will pull all stops to fulfil what has become an annual gig for 27 December.

“What I can assure you now is that we are having Kalawa on 27 December, we will put our house in order soon,” he added.

A source close to developments said the sticking point is that artistes would have to be paid in rands while they are still in South Africa and the question is would the money charged in bond notes be enough.

“Those artistes are based in South Africa and the money they work for has to be in their currency. But with the prevailing situation and the 10-year jail stint faced by illegal foreign currency dealers it’s a tough sell,” said a source.

Last year there was a furore that Oscar “Oskido” Mdlongwa the owner of the concept allegedly takes the money to South Africa after the show is over. Responding to those allegations last year when he took to the stage he said:

“I don’t **** make money from this. I do it for my lovely people of Bulawayo.”

The Kalawa Homecoming Show was founded in 2012 as a joint venture with Delta Beverages, Oskido went solo the following year until last year.