Ecocash trickster clobbered for trying to swindle bar

 Gibson Mhaka

A SCHEME by a city man to enjoy free beer at a local night spot turned horribly wrong when he was severely clobbered by angry imbibers after he tried to defraud the joint of beer worth $90 through editing an EcoCash transaction.

The man who identified himself as Lunga got more than what he had bargained for when an alert bar tender discovered that he had created a fictitious EcoCash message, which he wanted to use as proof of payment for the beer he had ordered.

All hell broke loose when the man was allegedly beaten up with anything the imbibers could get their hands on. The man allegedly pleaded for mercy but his plea fell on deaf ears.

He also passionately pleaded not to have his pictures taken. The severely injured trickster, however, managed to make good his escape before he was handed over to the police.

“He got what he deserved. Because of these fraudsters we feel unsafe now to hook up with strangers,” shouted one angry female patron.

It later emerged that he had also tricked the woman whom he was with, by creating a fictitious EcoCash message claiming he had paid her for the sexual services she had rendered to him before they came to the bar.

A bouncer who was manning the club in question said the punishment was meant to serve as a warning to all thieves and fraudsters visiting their night spot.

“Although I don’t condone what the patrons did, these thieves are a problem. We don’t make money because of them and when they are caught, they are released without serving long sentences,” said the bouncer.