Drug character manifestation

Mthandazo Ndlovu

We just witnessed what is called drug character manifestations in the past week within our borders as the lootings went on. 

People looted beer shops and pharmacies and went on to intoxicate themselves, not caring what would happen the next day.

When the withdrawals hit the next day these culprits were seen looking for the beer shop owners and asking them to restock so that they could handle their hangover.

One thing we picked on drug characters is that they can go wild in order to achieve their high, pick anything, anyhow that can give them a high and drown themselves in it without minding the consequences and dangers.

When the dependency hits we find them picking every scrap of what is a drug and trying to put it together so that they get their high and that’s the reason of the growing poly drugging trend among our population.

Ever seen one on nicotine addiction how they pick up the stubs crush them and mix them and then roll a joint, such is the life of addiction.

Is alcohol really a drug?

Yes. It is included as a drug.  Alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and is a factor in a variety of life threatening diseases.  Alcohol depresses your central nervous system, lowers inhibitions and impairs judgment. Drinking large amounts of alcohol can lead to a coma or even death. Mixing alcohol with medications or illicit drugs is extremely dangerous and can lead to accidental death.  Alcohol affects your brain. It leads to a loss of co-ordination, poor judgment, slowed reflexes, distorted vision, memory lapses and blackouts.

Teen bodies are still developing and alcohol has a greater impact on their physical and mental well-being.

The effect of combining different drugs is unpredictable.  Mixing alcohol with other drugs can greatly increase the effects of all the drugs taken. Combining alcohol with other depressant drugs can be potentially fatal as the central nervous system, flooded by depressants, may suppress brain and heart activity.

People who regularly drink heavily may become dependent on alcohol. If a physically dependent person suddenly stops drinking, they can experience serious withdrawal symptoms as their body re-adjusts to functioning without alcohol.

What are the effects of marijuana?

The short-term effects of marijuana use include: problems with memory and learning; distorted perception; difficulty in thinking and problem-solving; loss of co-ordination; increased heart rate; and anxiety and panic attacks.  Long-term use can increase the chances of tissue damage and lung cancer and also causes changes in the brain similar to those caused by heroin and cocaine.

Several studies have linked marijuana with poor school performance. It is harder to concentrate and retain information when a person has been smoking marijuana.

According to a National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, children who frequently use marijuana are almost four times more likely to commit a violent act against either people or property than those who don’t.

They are five times more likely to steal than those who don’t use marijuana.

Mthandazo Ndlovu is a drug prevention and rehabilitation specialist. For help and more information call 00263772399734 or email mthae4jesus@gmail.com