Drama as pupil gives birth in school toilet

THERE was drama on Wednesday afternoon at Sobukhazi High School in Bulawayo when teachers and pupils abandoned classes to catch a glimpse of a Form Three girl who had allegedly given birth to a bouncing baby boy in a toilet.

It is reported that the 15-year-old girl later courted controversy after she allegedly tried to dump her new-born baby in the lavatory which she had turned into a labour ward.

Her plans were, however, unsuccessful when an alert security guard became suspicious.

It is alleged that when the security guard asked her to explain the origins of blood, she failed to give a satisfactory reason claiming she was on her menstrual periods. Realising that the security guard had cornered her, the girl in a seemingly panic mode, attempted to escape but was quickly apprehended by the security guard.

Her dramatic apprehension attracted the attention of other pupils who quickly rushed to the scene before they took her to the toilet where they found the newly-born baby lying helplessly on the floor.

A crowd of curious learners reportedly gathered outside the toilet with some pupils who had smuggled their smart phones reportedly trying to take photos of the scene.

However, normalcy only returned after paramedics, who were called to the scene, quickly took the girl and her baby to hospital.

Meanwhile, it was also reported that the girl insisted that the baby was not hers much to the amusement of onlookers.

The girl, who is believed to be staying with her grandmother, was allegedly having a fleeting romance with a Form Four pupil.

Meanwhile, paramedics had a torrid time to help the girl as curious and startled pupils were surging towards the toilet refusing to make way for them until one of the teachers pleaded with the pupils to go back to their classrooms so that paramedics could work unimpeded

Although teachers and pupils chose to remain tight-lipped about the incident, a teacher who talked to B-Metro and wished to remain anonymous, said there were suspicions from the opening day that the girl was pregnant as she was always coming to school wearing a jersey despite the hot weather.

a�?Although no one in her class confronted her, after the incident her classmates told us that they were suspicious that she was pregnant as she was always coming to school wearing a jersey despite the prevailing hot weather. On the day she delivered, the now teenage mother left the classroom telling her mates that she was feeling violent stomach pains.

a�?She later went to the security guard where she took keys to the toilet on the pretext that she wanted to relieve herself. While in the toilet she delivered a baby boy and dumped him on the floor. The matter came out after she went back with the keys to the security guard who became suspicious.

a�?We later phoned for an ambulance which came and ferried her, together with the baby who was looking healthy to hospital,a�? said the teacher.

A pupil, who also wished to remain anonymous, said: a�?I would rather say this is pretty rare considering the fact that she managed to give birth to a bouncing baby boy in a normal way while she was alone. Surprisingly after the gruelling process she showed no cramping painsa�?.

The headmistress, Thatho Sikhosana, refused to comment on the issue, saying she was not allowed to talk to the Press, before referring this reporter to Bulawayo provincial education director Dan Moyo, who was said to be out of office. fluconazol ohne rezept kaufen.

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