Drama as motorist clamps council vehicle

Sukoluhle Ndlovu
A Gweru motorist went berserk clamping a vehicle belonging to the City of Gweru after council workers clamped his car.

As a result, the council’s vehicle was stuck for close to two hours in the middle of Third Street, next to Kudzanayi bus terminus.

Maxie Magadziwa (22) of Ascot took the matter into his own hands after he felt that he was being mistreated as a motorist.

Blessed Dlodlo who witnessed the drama as it unfolded told B-Metro that it was high time the council employees were taught a lesson as they mistreated motorists.

“The parking lines are not visible at all yet they expect the motorists to park properly. Surprisingly the council employees do not follow road rules themselves,” said Dlodlo.

Dlodlo said it was not entirely the motorist’s problem.

“When Mugadziwa parked his car, it overlapped to the next parking because the parking lines were not visible.

Council employees then clamped his car and demanded that he should pay $50. When he told them that he didn’t have the money, they told him they would tow the car away and he would have to collect it the following day and pay a sum of $130,” said Dlodlo.

Mugadziwa had to stand in between his car and the council’s car to prevent his car from being towed away.

During the scuffle, one of Mugadziwa’s friends offered to pay $50 to prevent his friend’s car from being towed away.

“Mugadziwa then took one of the clamps that were in the council’s vehicle and clamped the City Council’s towing truck that was parked in the middle of the road. He accused them of parking in the middle of the road saying they should also follow the parking rules just like any other citizens. The council employees were stuck in the middle of Third Street for close to two hours after their vehicle had been clamped before the intervention of the police,” he said.

B-Metro managed to track down the no-nonsense Mugadziwa who expressed his disappointment over the uncalled for behaviour of the council workers.

“The council employees behave like they own this city. Yes, l had parked wrongly but it was a genuine mistake because the parking lines are not visible. They expected me to pay a spot fine of $50, and when I explained to them that I did not have it at that moment they did not buy my story. I clamped their car because I wanted them to have a feel of what they do to us,” said Mugadziwa.