LOVE is a tricky business where at times some people are left with heartbreaks. After such an experience, it’s unfortunate there are some who believe the best way to go is closing one’s heart and never to love again.

Sisters, there’s still life after a heartbreak!

After being cheated on, lied to and just generally treated like dirt, most women naturally become jaded and develop some major trust issues. It’s sad that after trying again and again, the heart becomes more closed with each bad experience.

Despite whatever heartbreak you went through, deal with it at once and do not close your heart as you might miss other good opportunities because you will still be focusing on the past. Yes, that one guy messed you up as you once believed he was heavenly sent, but hey do not give him the power to take away your happiness forever.

As you get into the New Year, do not let the past haunt you, be in control of your life. Accept that it’s over with him and never waste your precious time thinking, why, how and where it went wrong. If you parted ways, it means it was not the best for you. I know its a bit difficult thing to do, but it pains a lot to see some sisters giving up on relationships because of that man who was never meant to be part of your life.

Clinging to the past affects your future; it can hold you down and sink you!

Women want to love. Compassion and nurturing is in our nature, but battling trust issues changes the game completely for most sisters and for their prospective future partners.

When you meet someone new, for example, rather than reacting with pure excitement you had at first, you become sceptical, “What does he want? How quickly can we find out his true motives so we don’t waste our time or get hurt again?

Here are some of the main ways in which you can love differently and how you can help break down those walls.

Of course being extremely cautious is the right way to go. Never give too much information until you are certain whether you like him and prepared to take the relationship to next level.  The best thing you can do is to know your boundaries.

As you are trying to move on, do not misrepresent yourself because he has “to want you and like the real you”.

Probably we all have a few skeletons in the closet that only a handful of trusted friends know. Deal with those and create trust in the relationship as its foundation. You should be able to discuss those issues which make people realise you’re not perfect and can make them run away. After all, no one is perfect!

Take it slow, commitment wise! Every step of building a relationship with someone new is terrifying to a person who has trust issues. From the first time, actually the night to the point where it’s getting serious, you are going to be silently freaking out on the inside because it’s all so scary.

Fear of the unknown. Deal with it and do not let it spoil things up for you.

Trust issues are far from uniform: everyone has different experiences and triggers. If you’re dating someone who’s been cheated on with an ex who was “just a friend,” they will not want you to have a close relationship with your ex.

Someone who’s been in an abusive relationship will always be alert. Sisters, what happened in the past relationship was a lesson, it does not mean that the next person in your life should suffer for your ex’s sins. Treat him differently and give him enough space to prove himself.

Sisters, if you have trust issues know that you start out with nothing, but you have the opportunity to have it all if you are patient, genuine, and kind.

Once you trust and let him love you with the purest love that exists, you will definitely find your soulmate.

It’s a new year, new resolutions, let go of the past and stop fooling yourself that you can do it without a man in your life while on the other hand you are hunting for already taken ones. Get your own man and enjoy being loved. Do not close your heart!

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