Dona��t be shy to keep condoms in your bag

PROVIDE protection!

Yes, I mean you as a woman you should have a pack of condoms in your bag. As long as you know that you are sexually active, practise safe sex.

It is that time of the year when most people make the same mistake of having unprotected sex after one or too many beers or just out of excitement. We are tired of the same excuse ladies; of blaming men for not bringing the condoms (CDs) and my question who said providing protection is a mana��s duty?

I believe buying CDs is not a mana��s job, but act responsibly and produce them to prove that you are serious and will not take chances with your life.

Maybe we should start by setting the record straight, I know most women are afraid to have CDs in their bags as they fear being taken to be women of loose morals. When it comes to your life my sister, never take risks as you only have one life. Remember the fear of embarrassment has real-life consequences!

You know your sexual life better and if you know that there are chances of finding yourself in between the sheets with someone whose HIV status you do not know, better stay armed and have male or female CDs in your bag.

A real man and mature one will not judge you for that. Gone are the days when men were in charge of the bedroom game and as usual, they always act irresponsibly and when you are in a compromising position, someone reveals that he does not have CDs resulting in unprotected sex.

Women have been empowered with female condoms!A� You better be ready than being sorry after contracting sexually transmitted infections.

One man said: a�?Women should not feel embarrassed, they should be in control of their own sex life.a�?

Another man said he respects women who present condoms as it shows they care about themselves as well as their partners.

A classic one which made my day was when one friend came to me wordless. a�?I have never had such a sexual experience. My girlfriend used female condoms and I tell you, it was awesome.a�?

Women should have a positive attitude towards condoms and not rely on a male partner to buy, keep and supply the CDs.A� Spreading acceptance of CDs use for men and women is key to improving everyonea��s sexual health.

Remember back then, items such as lipstick, eye shadows and womena��s perfume used to be stigmatised because they were associated with prostitutes, but when department store owners decided to sell these products above the counter, and in the front of the store, these products became socially accepted. Same applies to CDs, for how long are women going to shun them and die in silence.

I know that most people within one month of a new relationship, they stop using condoms and it just comes naturally to start trusting that person without even going for tests.A�A� When you have been with him for a bit, you look for another form of birth control. But by ditching the rubbers you are missing out on amazing sex.

Some couples have not been enjoying the adult game because of not using protection. Having sex without using a CD is stressful and it affects the game. One can be worried about unwanted pregnancy and contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

The anxieties about these issues result in the parties not fully enjoying the adult game. All you need is the rubber to allow you to be in the moment and focus on the activity at hand.

Again, there are men who do not last long and the minute they are inside, the game is over. If you use a CD, with such a man it can help you to last longer as there will be no direct contact. Men, who experience premature ejaculation, can wear a CD to increase their staying power.

Using a CD will always be a compliment. Men are largely held responsible for purchasing and providing CDs, but if you provide them, he will like you for that. It is said that a CD is an indicator of standards. When someone decides they are important enough to protect themselves, regardless of the love they have for their partner, it shows a level of self worth that is incredibly compelling.

Sisters, be courageous and provide protection so you can enjoy the adult game without any stress.

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