Domestic worker a�?snatchesa�? employera��s hubby

Longina Chaka semprot.
Residents of Mpopoma in Bulawayo were treated to free drama last Sunday when a domestic worker was confronted by her former boss for allegedly snatching her husband.Neighbours were awakened by noise from Knowus Ncube (17)a��s home after her former boss, Tryagain Ndlovu, went to confront her about her (Ncube) relationship which her husband, Onius Msengi who had allegedly moved in with her.

Speaking to B-Metro, a grieving Ndlovu explained how she was shocked to discover that her husband was renting a house for their former employee and taking care of her while she and the children were struggling.

a�?He lied that he was going to work and I followed him until I spotted him at his girlfrienda��s place around 10pm and then I went back homea�?, said Ndlovu.

She said she went back to the place in the wee hours of the morning leading to the dramatic incident.

a�?I went around 3am and when I knocked my husband stopped Ncube who was about to open the door for me and I forced it open. He tried to stop me and that attracted attention.

a�?Ncube told me not to waste time trying to stop their relationship. I could not lay hands on her as my husband was protecting her,a�? she said.

Ndlovu revealed that Ncube left work last year in July but Msengi rented a place for her without his wifea��s knowledge.

a�?Ncube was seen loitering at my place two months back while I was away in the rural areas. When I asked my husband about it he told me that she passed by on her way to South Africa,a�? she added.

Msengi and his alleged lover could not be contacted for comment.