Do youths pray for relationships?

Mpilo Mathuthu
The question of teen relationships is one that would take all day to debate on. Whenever you walk around in town you meet teen couples holding hands or displaying affection in other ways.

The question is are those relationships building the young people or killing them.

There are many theories that rise when it comes to dating as people try to justify or qualify their desires.

In focusing on the issue of dating I have divided dating into two sections; the first being the one that is really affecting the teenagers out there. There is what I call meaningless dating when people date for the sake of dating and they have no intentions of taking the relationship further than just that. Young people who engage in such relationships are in pursuit of addressing the issue of lust.

The major worry is where does God come into the equation of these teenage relationships because most of the youths in churches are the very youth that are involved in this kind of dating.

The second type of dating is meaningful dating this is when two young people are in a process of knowing each other better with the intention of seeking life partners.

Some usually draw a line between dating and courtship but it is almost similar and serves almost the same purpose and it is during this time that emotional attachment is experienced.

While in school, I read a book titled Bantu Behadlana that touches on the issue of relationships between boys and girls during the days when we were still upholding not only the values of Christianity but those of culture.

A young man could not have an unclear relationship with a lady and they would even be separated in terms of most activities.

Joseph in the bible and every other young man or lady would not expose themselves to the opposite sex in terms of a personal relationship.

The reason why some young people fail in life is because they have the burden of carrying relationships that are not even blessed by God and that are full of problems.

David could fight battles that even big men could not fight yet he was merely a youth simply because he knew the importance of not being in a relationship at the time when it wasna��t meant to be.

I would advise young peoplenot to get into relationships as long as you are not ready to get married, dona��t waste your time focusing on meaningless relationships. People get heartaches simply because they get into relationships that are not founded by God and do not have His blessings.

In the book of Genesis 24:14 Abrahama��s servant asked for a sign of the person meant to be Isaaca��s wife, now the question is as young people do we pray to God about our relationships? As young people let us make good choices when it comes to relationships.

Mpilo Mathuthu author of the book Youthful Dangers.

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