Do not give discounts in relationships

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Previously we focused on the issue of knowing if you are dating the right person and on the same note this week we expand looking also at readersa�� responses.

Most people are in relationships that they do not even understand, relationships that they fail to manage. Most people are not who they wish they were in character and they then decide to expect that from a partner they have.

The expectations we have are sometimes too high yet we do not invest in the same character or particular attribute that we want.

I have always asked myself if you sit down and write what you would want in a guy or girl so that whenever you meet one you just confirm looking at what you initially wanted.

If you go for your shopping without clearly budgeting and writing what you want to buy you will have a big problem as you will pick anything that attracts the eye without considering whether ita��s written on the list of the necessities.

Ita��s simply adding value to yourself by presetting what you want before you meet it.

Most people give discounts especially girls, they know that this is not the person I want to date but they just give a discount yet in life giving discounts especially with your life is not really a nice move.

Please note that by discount I am not looking at financial status but character and vision. It is in this same respect that if one values himself/herself that much they wona��t just get into dating because ita��s there but they will date only when they see a future in a person.

If you write down what you want you wona��t go around asking is this the right person or not because you are the person who knows what they want. The bible talks of writing down your vision. James 1:21 talks of laying apart all filthiness and naughtiness.

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