SEX is pretty weird and at the same time it feels good and gets you closer to your partner, but there are some things which happen during the game which no one wants to discuss as they appear to be embarrassing.

Yes, whatever has crossed your mind is exactly what I am talking about. What is it that has happened to you during the game that you are shy to talk about?A� Just know you are not alone as it happens to a number of people and you should take it lightly.

Ita��s nothing you need to be embarrassed about and honestly, it is just pretty interesting to think about those moments and it gets a very good naughty girl talking as I have just decided to share with you.

Sex, we all have it and some more regularly than others, and we all have ideas of what it should be: erotic, sensual and definitely sexy! In general, behind closed doors, there are moments of sex that are funny, weird and well, awkward! You just have to keep going despite the weird things.

There is that noise which sometimes comes out during the game. I am not talking of screaming or moaning sounds, but queeffing. Even the word itself makes one laugh. Look, if you queef (when trapped air leaves your vagina and makes noise), just take comfort in the fact that youa��re doing sex right. Thrusting and changing positions can all lead to the dreaded queef and those are two damn good things. Do not be embarrassed thinking that maybe ita��s because you have a big cookie jar as many usually assume.

At times again, when changing positions, you can go for something different than what he expected and ita��s just one of those moments which will haunt you after the game as you will find it embarrassing. Relax my dear sister, ita��s bound to happen because ita��s not like there is a script written, in fact it shows that you are both active sexual explorers.

Eeish! There is also that moment when both of you are raring to go only to realise that ita��s like the desert down there or Mr Tom is sleeping. Seriously that s**t happens, just ignore and do more foreplay. Do not let such situations make you hate the adult game!

During the game, people should talk. It makes it really interesting and sexy as many will love to call it. I know there are men who like to say to their women a�?talk dirtya�?A� during the game and they go on mute or say silly things. After the game then one starts to recall what she said or blaming herself on failing to talk dirty as expected by her man before a�?cuminga�?. Relax sister, we cannot be good in everything, just say sweet things and you are done.

Many find it embarrassing to bump teeth while kissing or knocking your head on each other during the game. It can happen and instead of just ignoring and pretending as if nothing happened, talk about it and kiss more. Do not blame yourself as the next time when you try to be extra careful it might happen again or for the worst spoil the game as you will not be on top of the game.

Remember the day when you stopped the act and rushed to the toilet to pee. Ita��s small things that are normal, dona��t worry my sister. You can pee during sex and ita��s good job for the body. If you have a sensitive bladder; you may find it happens when the one-eyed monster enters your cookie jar. It is also possible if youa��re having an extremely intense orgasm. Anyway, ita��s a turn-off to your partner so next time just make sure you pee before sex.

Then there is the wet spot you find on the sheets. This one really makes me laugh because despite knowing what was happening, couples want to dissociate themselves from it by rolling away from it and pretending ita��s not there. Come on, do not even think about it, at least it shows both of you reached the big O and enjoyed. Sister, do not be embarrassed about it.

Then lastly, ita��s really stupid, but also has chances of happening. This is making a blunder of calling your exa��s name during sex. Immediately pay for it by singing his praises and never talk about it again.

All these crazy things are bound to happen sisters, but take them lightly and enjoy your sex life more!

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