Do earrings signify homosexuality?

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IN YEARS gone by, earings were only worn by women. However, the social order is slowly changing and males are also wearing earrings.In this contemporary society it is the order of the day to see men wearing earrings.

While some wouldA� wear earrings on the left ear, some prefer to put it on the right ear. So the question that begs for an answer is should men wear earrings? If yes, on which ear, since some people are of the view that the wearing of an earring on the left ear signals that one is a homosexual and on the right ear it is a sign that one is promiscuous?

Teenagers and youths are not left out in this puzzle as most of them follow suit and they are gullible.A� Most of them believe they will look a�?coola�? when they wear an earring as they take a cue from their role models in showbiz and sport.

In many instances teens and youths are seen wearing earrings; some on one ear while some on both ears, oblivious of the societya��s beliefs.

In this regard, some are mistaken for gays. Some schools of thought point out that adults have not accepted this phenomenon.

A social worker, Mabutho Ngwenya, pointed out that most teens suffer from identity crisis and so they copy their role models.

a�?I have noted with concern that most teens just copy or mimic their role models who are either musicians, presenters or actors not knowing that they will be mistaken for wrong identity,a�? saysA� Ndlovu.

Ngwenya added: a�?I think teens and youths should be furnished with information regarding earrings. This will help them in making choices on what to put on.a�?

However, Ntando Tshuma (19) believes that there is nothing wrong with wearing an earring on the left ear.

a�?I see nothing wrong with wearing an earring. I feel a�?coola�� and sexy. Moreover myA� girlfiend likes it,a�? said Tshuma.

a�?It is just fashion and does not mean that I am gay. I just took the cue from my role model,a�? saidA� Hebert.

Tracey Mahonondo (17) saidA� she sees nothing wrong pertaining to wearing of earrings as she claimed that times have changed and we can not turn back the hands of time.

Upbeat visited one of the Pentecostal churches. Shockingly, he noticed a 15-year-old boy who led the praise and worship team wearing earrings. One question that quickly crossed my mind: is this proper in the temple of God?

More questions flashed my mind; what does the Bible say about this or maybe I am the one who is wrong, I quizzed my self?

I asked one of the congregants the logic behind this? He quickly indicated that God does not care if one puts on an earring even jewellery but he does not want us to pay much attention to them as doing so will be like worshipping them but he looks at the heart.

He further justified their belief by citing Proverbs 25v11-12 from the Kings James Version: a�?A word fitly spoken is apples of gold in pictures of silver. As an earring of gold, and an ornament of gold, so it is a wise reprove upon an obedient ear.a�?

Times have changed and we cannot turn back the hands of time. This means the society has to embrace modernity but with caution.

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