Djembe Monks to perform at Zima

BULAWAYO tribal house group Djembe Monks have been selected to perform at this yeara��s Zimbabwe Music Awards (Zima).
Djembe Monks were recently nominated for the Best House Music award for this yeara��s Zima awards.

The awards ceremony will be held at the Harare International Conference Centre on 3 October.

Djembe Monksa�� spokesperson, Emmanuel Nkomo, expressed glee on the opportunity which they have been given.

a�?We are elated that we have been selected to perform at the Zima. This is going to be our first performance at the awards as Djembe Monks because the last time the Zima were held we were not yet an established group.

a�?Our selection to perform at the function is an indicator that we are doing something right and going the right direction. This also comes as a bonus since we were also nominated for an award under the house category for our album Deep Love and Drums,a�? said Nkomo.

The group recently made strides after they were also selected to perform at the Shoko Festival. Nkomo said they are working on collaborating with Cynthia Mare and Black Bird.

a�?Djembe Monks will also perform at the Shoko festival where we are also ambassadors. We are working on collaborating with Cynthia Mare and Black Bird. Currently we are rehearsing new songs together and we will unleash them on the 27 of September when we perform at the festival,a�? he said.

The group has been working on an album which is set to be released before the end of the year.

Djembe Monks, which was established in 2011, is made up of Ndumiso a�?Black Ceea�? Tshuma, Emmanuel a�?RootzKolossala�? Nkomo, a�?The Rabbia�? Ngqabutho, a�?Slimzar Wa Africaa�? Ncube and Khotso a�?TortureDruma�? Nare.

Djembe Monks perform live tribal house music. The act is popular for its inimitable and enthralling blend of house music and live percussion. So riveting is their sound, as they jag the traditional African drums and organic vocals with the modern wheel spinning hum. cafergot.