Djembe Monks

Djembe Monks get beer deal. . . ‘Monk’s Brew set for weekend

Raymond Jaravaza
WHAT do you get when you “collaborate” a tribal house trio with an emerging and vibrant brewery?

Djembe Monks have the answer to that question. It’s simply called Monks’ Brew.

While some artistes are sweating over creative ways of making music to stay relevant in showbiz industry, tribal house trio Djembe Monks have partnered with a beer making group — River Brewing Company — to make an alcoholic drink.

Monks’ Brew, a locally produced beer, will be launched at the National Art Gallery in Bulawayo, on Saturday.

River Brewing Company, a Victoria Falls-based beer manufacturing company, and Djembe Monks have been working together on the music front for a while until the idea to venture into beer was mooted by the brewers.

“River Brewing Company have been supporting our music and it’s been a great partnership so it was not a difficult decision to make when the proposal to work together on a new beer was brought up,” said Djembe Monks percussionist, Emmanuel “Rootz” Nkomo.

Monks’ Brew — being a new beer on the market — will penetrate the market on a small-scale as River Brewing Company steadily introduces it to consumers, especially in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

“It’s all about giving our fans a complete package, fresh and unique music from Djembe Monks as well as a crafty beer made from natural ingredients and no preservatives. For now Monks’ Brew will be available on tap only,” said Nkomo.

On tap beer is a hit with tourists as it is served from a cask rather than a bottle or can.

River Brewing Company prides itself as the biggest micro-brewery, a beer manufacturing entity that produces limited quantities, typically for consumption on its own premises, in Victoria Falls.

The brewery first opened its doors in the resort town in October 2017.

Djembe Monks joins a list of respected showbiz industry personalities like DJ Sbu who launched his MoFaya energy in late 2014.

At the time DJ Sbu described MoFaya as a “3 years in the making energy drink that met strict health standards and regulations”.