Dj Stavo

DJ Stavo fumes over unprofessional promoters

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IF therea��s one nightclub disc jockey who does not stand for abuse ita��s the wave riding DJ Stavo.

Probably the most organised jockey of this era travelling with a tour manager even to the most low-key show, he does not take his craft lightly. Recently on his official Facebook page he ranted about unprofessional promoters without mentioning names.

a�?I aina��t one to rant, but if I feel disrespected, I will call you out. If you can afford to bring djs from across the border to perform in your club or event, pay flights and accommodation and visas then dona��t disrespect local acts and offer *** less than a third to perform at your event. I believe youa��re just taking us local acts for a ride. I promise you, I will not play in any of those places till they pay properly. Rather not turn up than be disrespected. Respect The Game,a�? he said.

Ita��s no secret DJ Stavo is a man of ways and means, having recorded with and played in some of South Africaa��s most sought after venues and artistes. He has also gone on international tours but when it comes to respecting local and voiceless DJs he puts a point across.

a�?Hea��s saying what some of us cana��t openly talk about. I have been tossed around nightclubs in Bulawayo, even where I am a resident DJ now, ita��s as if I am one of the cleaners, no disrespect to them but my music sets the trend and I am the face of the club. Sadly I earn less than $100 per week, thata��s not fair,a�? said a Bulawayo DJ on condition of anonymity.

In the past some club owners would give DJs a percentage of the gate takings but that culture is fast fading.

a�?Whata��s even painful is that in most cases, international DJs ask us what kind of songs the locality likes and there is a thumb rule that I should not play some songs just in case I upstage the visitor. From time to time we even play better than them but therea��s no love,a�? he added.

In October, actress Anne Nhira raised a similar concern when she argued why promoters were paying as much as R25 000 to the likes of Zodwa Wabantu when local pole dancers who actually give more entertainment were given a pittance.

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