DJ Sbu denies promoting Mo Faya at Flabbaa��s memorial

The DJ took to social media to express his disappointment.
DJ Sbu was quick to dismiss reports that he promoted his Mo Faya energy drink at Flabbaa��s memorial service last week. Sunday World reported that the DJ and entrepreneur erected a stand filled with cans of the drink outside the entrance to Bassline, where the memorial was held.

The paper wrote: a�?DJ Sbu is another one who needs to be taught etiquette. This man does not listen. He had a whole display of his energy drink just outside the venue . . . his efforts scream desperation.a�?

Sbu was clearly not impressed. The DJ took to Facebook to express his disappointment and set the record straight.

He wrote: a�?To spread such distasteful lies about my presence at Flabbaa��s memorial is uncalled for. These are the gentlemen I was with the whole time at the memorial to MOURN and nothing else.

a�?Ita��s sad what journalism has been turned into. If the journo who wrote that piece has whatever personal issues with me, ita��s unfortunate that you would choose to take advantage of such a tragedy to assassinate my character.

a�?This is a tough and sad period for everyone in our industry not to mention close friends and family. To single me out as a heartless opportunist is both disappointing and unfair. #PoorJournalism. #Disappointed. #RIPFlabba.”

Sbu is currently serving a suspension from Metro FM. This comes after he promoted his energy drink at the recent Metro FM Awards, where he was presenting an award.

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