DJ Liz

DJ Liz the Deal

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IS she on her way to becoming a sex symbol behind turntables?

Sharmaine Waldman, better known as DJ Liz, in Bulawayoa��s entertainment scene has mostly male patrons eating from the palm of her hand barely three years into the craft.

a�?It is hard to play in places where there is a lot of men because each and every guy will try his luck on you. I dona��t usually shut them out in a way because they are my fans and the fact that they approach me shows that I am a woman so with them I just act professional,a�? said DJ Liz with her trademark shy smile.

A holder of a degree in Human Resources from the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa DJ Liz opted for the club scene instead of an eight to five job and her recent award haul at the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards gave her courage to stay on.

a�?Winning BAAs has put my name out there. I now get calls from different clubs from Harare, Gweru and Gwanda. That shows I am now a recognised brand nationwide,a�? she added.

Therea��s a considerable number of women who took up djying before DJ Liz, they opened avenues for her and others as such she is inspired to follow in the tracks of the likes of South Africaa��s DJ Cndo and DJ Zinhle.

a�?I want to move a gear up and have my own music like other women. I am in the studio at the moment, hopefully next year the album will be out. It will be high profile because I am working with some of the best producers in South Africa a�� the home of house music,a�? she added.

DJ Liz is a twin sister to one Sharlene, the more reserved one. The two women come together during the week in the running of their clothing shop a�� Crazy Look Fashions.

a�?On week days I will be working at Crazy Looks Fashions then on weekends I will be exclusively musical with numerous gigs. I try by all means to balance family, work and music,a�? she added. gnc viagra substitute. building generic tadalafil.