Did you buy my album? Then no photo for you: AKA

Fans will not be allowed to take pictures with rapper AKA unless they have his album.
AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, took to Twitter to set the record straight and make it clear that unless you can convince him that you have his album, he will not grant you the picture.

a�?If you dona��t buy the music and I deny you a photo . . . I cana��tA� a�?losea�? you as a fan . . . you were never a fan to begin with.

a�?It seems like there is some confusion so let me clear this up. IF YOU DO NOT SUPPORT MY MUSIC BY BUYING IT, WE CANNOT TAKE A PHOTO. Ever,a�? he said.

He said that the only people who are exempt from his new photo rule were the elderly and kids.

a�?One of the Mahotella queens got me to sign a copy of LEVELS for her niece backstage at the metros . . .A� So what is your excuse?

a�?Dona��t tell me you cana��t afford my music wearing new Jordans,a�? he added.

As usual, people responded saying that such behaviour will see his music go down the drain. He responded in kind.

To his justification, AKA, whose girlfriend DJ Zinhle is pregnant, said that he is starting a new family and people who pirate his music are taking food from his table.