Munya Chidzonga

Diamond Boy in new movie

Bruce Ndlovu
One of the countrya��s leading big screen talents, Munya Chidzonga, is preparing for a movie that will showcase the role played by the countrya��s female war collaborators in the struggle for independence.

The movie, titled Chimbwido (The Girl of War) will also see the reunification of Chidzonga with Lobola director Joe Njagu, who is the brains behind the flick.

Njagu is one of the most celebrated players in the film industry. He has worked on productions that include Sores of Emmanuel, Something From London and 2011a��s The Gentleman, for which he won the best director award at the American Film Festival.

Chidzonga took to his Facebook page over the weekend to rave about his new role and the quality of script that he had been given.

a�?Reading draft 1 of the new moviea��Chimbwido (Girl of War) Ah all I can say is Mamama…This script is a game changer,a�? Chidzonga wrote.

Chidzonga also went on to further disclose that he had been put on a strict dietary plan for the role by Njagu. The actor also shared pictures of his workout routine at the gym, as he prepared for what might be a physically taxing role as the moviea��s challenge was to present a realistic portrayal of the countrya��s hard fought and intense war of liberation.

a�?Haha you wona��t believe whoa��s making eggs after the gym TO BUFF ME UP TO PREPARE FOR THAT ROLE!!!!The Directora��s Director!!! Va Njagu,a�?

a�?The Diamond Boy is BACK!!! Preparing for a new movie… Got to put in that work!!!a�? he gushed. buy levothyroxine online.