Death confirms Samukeliso Sitholea��s sex

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CONTROVERSY surroundingA� Zimbabwea��s former athlete Samukeliso Sithole who masqueraded as a female in international events scooping several medals and prize money was finally laid to rest this week, following his death at a local hospital.

Sithole died after a grisly knife attack by his brother at their home in Sizinda, Bulawayo following a dispute over a wardrobe left behind by their late father.

Sources say the doctor who attended to him before his death bolted out of the female ward where he had been admitted after discovering thatA� hospital officials had been deceived into believing that he was a female after he had stuffed a�?fake breastsa�? into a bra.

The doctor was shocked after discovering that what looked like breasts from outside were in actual fact three bras put one on top of the other with pieces of cloth stuffed in them.

As if that was not enough, the doctor was in for a big shock when he discovered that Sithole had a male organ tucked in between his legs.

Failing to come to terms with the discovery, the doctor bolted out of the cubicle while screaming for help.

There was drama at the hospital as patients and hospital staff rushed to witness what had troubled the doctor. They were baffled when the doctor stated that the patienta��s sex had changed.

Police were later called and it was discovered that he had lived a lie masquerading as a female until his death.

Sitholea��s a�?boyfrienda�? who had also accompanied him to hospital reportedly vanished into thin air after the shock discovery.

It finally came out that Sitholea��s real name is Mduduzi Sibanda.

It is reported that he was rushed to hospital after his brother Kelvin SibandaA� had stabbed him on the chest during a fight at their home in Sizinda over their late fathera��s wardrobe.

A neighbour close to the family said, a�?Samukeliso had a misunderstanding with a�?hera�� brother Jimy in the evening over ownership of their late fathera��s wardrobe.

a�?The misunderstanding erupted into a fight and Jimy picked up a screwdriver which he used to stab Samukeliso on the chest. a�?Shea�� collapsed and was rushed to hospital.a�?

Sources say that he was not bleeding but had suffered internal injuries.

a�?She was pronounced dead at the hospital and we were shocked when we were told that Samukeliso was a male. a�?Hera�� boyfriend who had accompanied a�?hera�� to the hospital ran away when he heard about his a�?girlfrienda��sa�� sex.

a�?All I know about the boyfriend is that he is from Kwekwe and their relationship was three weeks old. When he heard about his a�?girlfrienda��s sex, he ran away,a�? said Esther Phiri.

When B-Metro visited Sitholea��s home, the crew only found neighboursA� who said they were still in shock.

a�?We are still in shock. If only yesterday I had gone with a�?hera�� to cook at the funeral, a�?shea�� could be alive today. a�?Shea�� was stabbed by a�?hera�� brother over a wardrobe and died at the hospital,a�? said one woman only identified as Mrs Banda.

Kelvin, the brother, was said to be on the run and police had taken in his wife into custody to help with investigations.

a�?The brothera��s wife was taken by police in the morning as her husbanda��s whereabouts are unknown. Samukelisoa��s mother is on her way from Gweru. Samukeliso and Kelvin have different mothers and same father. They have always had a long misunderstanding over the inheritance of the house and were never in good books though they shared the house,a�? said Banda.

The women at the funeral referred to Samukeliso as a woman and one could realise that he played his games well and was successful in making everyone believe that he was a woman.

Efforts to get a comment from police were fruitless.

Facts about Samukeliso Sithole

09 February 2005- Scandal unearthed

Zimbabwe and the international community was shocked after news broke out that Zimbabwean athlete Samukeliso Sithole was masquerading as a female and competed in international events scooping several medals and prize money. Sitholea��s female friend Melita Mudondiro from Kwekwe unearthed the scam and filed crimen injuria charges against Sithole.

19 February 2005-How the scandal started

It all started at Ndlamatuli School in Simana Village in Solebela where some teachers hatched a plan to have one of their star athletes (Fadzai Fuzani) competing in international events. Unfortunately the star athlete the world has come to know as Samukeliso Sithole did not have a birth certificate and was over-aged for junior competitions. Fadzai approached Samukelisoa��s parents Givemore Sithole and his wife Thokozile Nkiwane and duped them into parting with their daughtera��s birth certificate. After this the athlete acquired a national registration card bearing the name Samukeliso Sithole and went to compete in international events.

21 February 2005-Prison officers in quandary over Samukelisoa��s sex

Prison officers in quandary when a Gweru magistrate Mrs Auxilia Chiumburu remanded controversial athlete Samukeliso who is alleged to be a man in custody at a female prison and prison officers claimed that they were shocked to discover that what looked like breasts from outside were in actual fact three bras put one on top of the other, with pieces of cloth stuffed inside.

01 March 2005-Samukeliso demands his dues

Samukeliso made sensational claims that the National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe owed him Z$16 million for five medals that he scooped at the Mauritius youth games in May 2004 where he masqueraded as a female athlete.

07 July 2005-Samukeliso announces intention to return back on track

Samukeliso announces his intention to bounce back on the track to compete with males.

12 July 2005-Samukelisoa��s uncle testifies

Samukelisoa��s uncle Dryton Mnkandla while giving evidence at Kwekwe magistratesa�� court where Samukeliso was facing six counts of crimen injuria testified that Samukeliso Sithole grew up as Mduduzi Sibanda.

11 June 2006-Samukeliso resurfaces

Sithole resurfaces as a netball player going by the name Gamuchirai Sibanda playing for Bulawayo Netball league side Green Mambas and put his team at the centre of controversy when it played Sparrows at the Highlanders club house.

10 December 2014-Samukeliso dies

Samukeliso died at Mpilo hospital