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Dealing with substance dependency

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As we begin to walk into 2018 we all havieg new yeara��s resolutions and we are praying hard to keep them.

I will begin 2018 by responding to some of the correspondences that have been coming through, so that armed with knowledge many will be able to keep up with their new yeara��s resolutions in as far as drug related issues are concerned.

Issues of how best one can stop abusing drugs, alcohol and other substances have been the most prevalent and also as to why does one finds it difficult to quit those substances but find themselves wanting more instead.

Whatever we take in as drugs, alcohol or any other substances is stored in the fatty tissues and begins to build metabolites within our bodies, the more we take of the substances the more of it is stored in the fatty tissues.

As more of it is being stored what that simply means is that the essential body nutrients and vitamins are being destroyed hence weakening onea��s immunity against sickness and diseases.

Because these substances have psychological, emotional and physical effects in onea��s life, these are the factors of use and abuse, that keeps onea��s intake increasing and being unable to stop and they find themselves no longer getting any effects from that substance, and now seeking other stronger substances than what they have been taking.

This is because as one crosses the line of use to abuse, they will find themselves at a stage called tolerance of the substance, meaning that the amounts they have been taking are no longer having any effect in their system.

This then leads to them looking for other drugs or substances that are more potent than what they have been using and this takes them to the next stage which is dependency.

Dependency is when on cannot survive without taking the substance despite the fact that they know that these substances are dangerous and can lead to bad health and death.

They now do not want the drug or substances but they need it so that they feel alive and that is the indicator of addiction.

Addiction is when one cannot do without the substances and it is the substances that rule their life, such that in everything they do the drug or substance is a priority.

For one to stop using drugs they need to undergo a drug recovery or rehabilitation programme that will help the individual to be loosened from the grips of dependency on these substances, getting rid of the drug and substance metabolites stored in their system and also get proper psychological handling for their dependency .

-Mthandazo Ndlovu is a Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation Specialist. If you have made it your resolution to be drug, alcohol and substances of abuse free this 2018, call or WhatsApp 00263772399734 or email A drug free life is possible for you. dostinex india.