Deal with your “vajayjay” now

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WINTER time has always been the best in dealing with big tummies, skin and fine-tuning it down there a�?issuesa�?. Ita��s the right time to deal with your vajayjay, getting to know your natural scent!

Everyone has to be comfortable with her own body and how they smell down there. I know most women start getting unsettled at that time when their partner is making his way to the vajayjay wondering how she smells and with the hope that it is not too strong down there.

Vajayjays often have smells, not horrible in that they make you pass out, but they have their own odours or fragrances. Most of the time, they just smell like the way you sometimes smell of sweat or how your feet stink in certain shoes. The smell of vajayjays depend on certain factors.

If you just took a shower and washed your lady-bits, there probably isna��t any smell. But if you just had a marathon sex session, it will have odour.

Every vagina has its own unique scent, which is a combination of the normal bacteria that reside in your vagina, your diet, the fabrics that you wear, your level of hygiene, your bathroom habits, and what your glands secrete.

It is difficult to tell someone how a vajayjay should smell, but the bottom line is that, it should not smell like rotten fish or any strong offsetting smell.

According to Sara Gottfried, a medical director of The Gottfried Center, most women notice after having their periods that there is a different odour. a�?A lot of women notice a change in the scent after having sex.A� Semen is really basic a�� it has a pH of around eight a�� so when you have sex, it changes the pH in the vagina to the basic side of things.a�?

The good news is that vajayjays are self cleaning and they naturally produce some discharge that helps to eject germs and bacteria out of your body, like a bouncer at the exclusive Vagina Club.

You have regular discharge which is mostly white with a little yellow, but when ita��s grey or green or yellow, thata��s not good. For the most part, dona��t mess with your vagina. It knows how to take care of itself. If you do see or smell something that doesna��t seem right, have a health care professional check it out.

Every female has a natural vaginal scent that can change throughout her menstrual cycle. A strong odour however, can be a sign of an infection, particularly if one is sexually active. Certain STIs can cause a different odour. A womana��s vagina is naturally filled with bacteria but when there is an overgrowth, the condition is called bacterial vaginosis and causes a a�?fishya�? odor.

Not all vaginal odours are caused by an infection, however. For example, poor hygiene or tight fitting clothing or fabric that doesna��t breathe can cause sweat and bacteria to get trapped which can cause and unpleasant odour. But dona��t be fooled by products such as douches or sprays that claim to a�?cleana�? your vagina.

They can be harmful because they remove the fluids that naturally clean your vagina. These products (particularly the scented ones) can actually cause irritation. Simply use soap and water to clean the outside of your vaginal area.

Rinse well and pat your skin with a towel until it is dry before you put your underwear on.

A vagina must have a smell. Basically all bodily fluids smell like something. It can be musky, fishy, chlorine like, bread like, sweaty, bloody or rotten scent.

A musky scent that smells just like a heavier version of your vaginaa��s usual scent typically means that you have been sweating a lot, or wearing tight pants or synthetic fiber underwear a�� both of which can prevent skin from a�?breathing,a�? and thus lead to a stronger-than-usual scent. Washing with some mild soap and changing out of your skinny jeans every once in a while should fix things up if you find this scent to be a little too strong.

Fishy smell is when your lady flower gives off a strong, foul odour and it may be the sign of an infection. Bacterial vaginosis is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria and upsets the delicate PH balance of the vagina, causing an increase in discharge and a strong fishy odour that increases after sex. A foul odour with green discharge typically indicates an STI, so if you just dona��t smell right, trust your instinct and see your doctor.a�?

a�?Chlorine-likea�? your vajayjay might smell differently depending on the lubricants you have used during sex and whether or not you used a condom. Typically, ita��s nothing to be worried about.

a�?Bread-likea�? it shows that there is normally a small amount of yeast in your vajayjay. Often, yeast infections dona��t have any scent at all, and so you will realise that you have them from other symptoms a�� white, thick discharge; itchiness. But in some cases, your yeastified bits will emit a faint bread-like odour.

Smell will never be your only symptom with a yeast infection; but it can help you distinguish it from bacterial vaginosis or other infections that will similarly irritate your vagina.

What you eat can also make your vagina smell differently. Citrus fruits like oranges, pineapple, and grapefruit have been known to sweeten the smell and taste of vaginal fluids. On the other hand, onions, garlic, broccoli, and asparagus can cause what some describe as an a�?unpleasanta�? odour and taste.

If your vagina habitually has a sweet scent, kneel down and thank your creator and keep eating what youa��ve been eating!

If your vajayjay suddenly takes on an intense rotten smell, get in touch with your doctor. Ita��s definitely not healthy, and could be a sign of a tampon gone astray down there.

If you notice you constantly smell a bit off (like the scent of blood) during that time of the month, ita��s typically nothing to be alarmed about. When you have your period, the blood can mix with the natural state of a healthy vagina and give off a different but normal smell.

Know your natural scent and keep smelling good!

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