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A GOKWE family was left in utter shock after stumbling on a note left behind by a deceased member of the family who had apparently put his final wish in black and white a�� that when he dies, he wishes to be intimate with his ex-wife before burial!

Nunurayi Musamo from Nemangwe Village left a note in which he said if he died before reuniting with his ex-wife Sarah Simirayi, his wish was to be intimate with her before being taken to his final resting place.

A source from the village said, a�?Musamo was dumped by his wife many years ago and she moved to stay with her new-found love in Svisvi Village. Unfortunately, the man later dumped Simirayi a year ago and she returned to her family home which is in the same area with Musamoa��s homestead. But by the time she returned to the village, Musamo was already bedridden. The woman, however, used to visit him and help with household chores.a�?

The source revealed that Musamo never re-married and used to tell his close friends that he was waiting for Simirayi to return to their matrimonial home.

a�?After his death, a note was discovered in his wardrobe where he declared his undying love for his ex-wife. In the note, he stated that he died an unhappy man because of missing his wife and therefore before his burial he would be glad if the woman had sexual intercourse with him.

a�?The family found the dead mana��s wish weird and they invited a traditional healer to do some rituals before his burial because it is believed that a dead mana��s word should be followed to avoid bad omen in the family,a�? said the source.

The letter in which the now deceased expressed his love for Simirayi was read at the funeral.

Musamoa��s brother confirmed the reports, but refused to divulge more information saying, a�?The issue you are talking about is a very serious one, as a family we are still trying to appease our late brothera��s spirit. Sorry I cannot discuss that with you.a�?

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