Isaach Musanhu

Dead babya��s clothes at doorstep

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A FAMILY from Chitanga Village in Mwenezi which was being haunted by the sounds of a crying baby coming from the walls of their huts woke up to the shock of their lives when they found clothes which they had put in their babya��s grave at the doorstep.

The family lost a nine-month-old baby sometime in 2017 and now the most shocking thing is that the clothes they found on their doorstep were the ones they had put in the grave.

The Musanhu family finally found the answers that the mysterious sounds of a crying baby was of their own deceased child.

Isaach Musanhu said they had not known peace for six months and efforts of getting help from traditionalists and prophets had proved fruitless.

a�?It is now months since we started hearing sounds of a crying baby from our walls. Surprisingly last Sunday morning I heard my wife screaming and when I rushed out to see what was happening I saw our late babya��s clothes by the doorstep.

a�?When the child died, all her clothes were put in the grave, but strangely we now found the same clothes by our doorstep.

a�?We suspect that someone tampered with the childa��s grave and that means the sounds we have been hearing are of our own child.

a�?Ever since we discovered the clothes, those strange sounds only happen during the night unlike before when it was not even giving us a break,a�? said Musanhu.

He revealed that they reported the matter to the village head and they have started consulting traditional healers to get answers of what was happening.

a�?This issue is very stressful because it is clear it involves my deceased baby. If traditional healers are not clear on what is happening, we will report the matter to police and ask to dig the grave to check if the body is still there,a�? he said.

The family said during the first days of hearing sounds at night, they thought it was a cat only to be proven wrong after checking as they did not see it, but discovered it was coming from the walls.

After holding a cleansing ceremony at their homestead it became worse with the crying baby not stopping even during the day. dexamethasone ses sels et esters synthroid without prescription in pa. .