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Date within your league

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LOVE or class! I found myself in this debate on whether women should consider a mana��s class before dating him.

Of course, those who were of the opinion that it does not matter were quick to quote the saying, a�?Love is blind.a�? Sisters, is love really blind?

Nonetheless, I believe the issue of class matters in relationships because you need someone who will understand you, someone whom when you discuss issues with you will be on the same level. Get someone who lives in the same world as yours!

Just wondering where all this is coming from? There is a dreadful incident which happened sometime back where a jilted man stabbed his wife to death before hanging himself.

The woman was an accountant and the husband used to be a tout who we are told was upgraded by the woman as she paid for his driving lessons until he got his drivera��s licence and graduated to being a commuter omnibus driver.

It is unfortunate that things never went well in their relationship leading to the two parting ways.

It seems the man never wanted to accept the fact and therefore hatched the heinous act to kill the woman before taking his own life.
May their souls rest in peace!

Sisters, I believe it is important not to stoop too low in life and you should play with men of your class. I do not believe in changing someone because that person already has got his own habits and trying to change him will create trouble.

You know it seems most men cannot live with women who are more educated than them because their ego is bruised somewhere somehow.

Naturally men want to be the heads of families and how does one become the a�?heada�? if he has to ask everything from the woman.

During the dating days, you will think that all is good because you will be spending less time together, but the minute you start staying with thatA� person, you realise that you are two worlds apart.

Living with someone who is not of your class becomes difficult and having a conversation becomes difficult as you do not reason at the same level and the harder you try, you end up having misunderstandings.

When you start experiencing such problems in your relationship, you are likely to start having feelings of anger towards your partner and feel embarrassed by him in public. It creates distance between couples and once there is no communication, it marks the death of a relationship.

Good for those who will discuss the issue and agree on parting ways. Unfortunately, that is not always the case as some men will not understand and ignore the problems in the relationship.

To all the sisters reading this column, the issue of class is very important, that is why most of the time when you introduce your partner to your family the first question is what he does for a living.

Your family is concerned about your security, when they ask such a question they will be trying to understand the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with.

Here are some of the comments I found pertaining to the issue of dating and class: Women should be involved with people of their class whom they can reason with.

I dona��t think it should matter who earns more, but the reality is it does to both men and women.

Look at what happened above, the guy was rejected and he couldna��t stomach it, I think it was the fact that he was a�?not a mana�? that his wife provided more for the family that led to this horrific crime of passion.

He was in a state of belittlement and that resentment just kept building inside waiting for a trigger.

The woman realised she could have a better life because class was different (yes marring in your a�?classa�? matters) she saw she could get a better class of a man or maybe that better class man was already there. Its unfortunate but this is how society has designed it.

It has become about class, social standing and ability to provide money. The only love there is now is love for self and love of praise from other couples with the ego of being at the top of the a�?social hierarchya�?.

Our challenge as a society are the negative, often spurious beliefs that are ingrained in us throughout our lives, most of them uplifting outdated patriarchal values.

Ita��s true that some men (maybe most) are uncomfortable dating a more successful woman. Ita��s equally true that successful women are not as submissive as women who are not successful.

This sometimes irks men. So about crimes of passion, who is to blame? Humanity is to blame for the stupid beliefs it passes from generation to generation. Solution: I dona��t see a solution.

Advice: Date within your league, and choose your partner carefully.

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  • God of War

    Quite right. Man should also marry their class otherwise its a recipe for disaster.

  • xxx

    one sided dade…one sided article…siku 2018