Munyaradzi Shirichena

a�?Curseda�� man bares all

Munyaradzi Shirichena

Munyaradzi Shirichena

A Bulawayo man who has been in and out of prison claims that a family member cast a bad spell on him.
Munyaradzi Shirichena (38) who was recently acquitted of robbery charges disclosed that he was an unlucky man and a bad omen has always been following him since the day he was cursed.

Shirichena narrated his ordeal to B-Metro on how he started being caught on the wrong side of the law.

a�?I left home in 1993 and came to Bulawayo to look for a job. In 1996 I found a wife, when she was nine months pregnant she failed to give birth and only did so after 12 months. The baby came out weighing four kilogrammes. This all took place after a bevy of bees were found inside our house.

a�?The bees later relocated to a tree outside. Soon after that, I mysteriously developed sores which vanished after three days. Since then problems started pouring from all corners. I was arrested when my child was two days old.

a�?I was being accused of stealing from a car and was held for one month. When I finished serving my sentence, my child was not feeling well and she and her mother both passed on,a�? he said.

The troubled Shirichena turned to prophets and traditional healers for help. He was allegedly told that a family member (name withheld) was responsible for his suffering.

a�?As I was still in a dilemma about the problems which were affecting me, I sought help from prophets and was told the source of my problems and hence I had to go to my rural home in Lower Gweru.

a�?In 2005 when I visited home, I discovered that a key member of the family had cast his spirits on me when he had decided to join a church. He admitted the allegations saying he threw away his staff calling my name as he thought that I was now dead since it had been long since I had left home,a�? he said.

He added that they went to Mozambique where he parted with $2 700 consulting a traditional healer only identified as Manyeza, but all was fruitless.

He said Manyeza instructed him not to kill a frog he would come across and he has never done so, but this has not solved his problems.

Shirichena was early this year arrested for assaulting a woman in the city centre. He said he never committed the crime, but the woman told the police that he was the criminal.

He revealed that his mother Grace Ncube also fell on hard times when she mysteriously went blind while washing napkins for his younger brother.

a�?The whole family is in trouble. My mother returned to her home after she was ordered to do so by my father and no reasons were given. She later mysteriously became blind and is in the custody of her brothers. My two brothers have also fallen victim of the spirits and do not have wives and children,a�? he said.

Shirichenaa��s father is suspected to have relocated to Gwanda where he is staying with his sister.

Shirichena appealed to members of the public who can solve his problem to contact him on 0782 064 145.

Contacted for comment his brother Edwin confirmed saying, a�?Ita��s true that has been happening in our family and we are looking for helpa�?.

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