Jeys Marabini

Crowning moment for Jeys Marabini!

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I know the statement has been used a lot of times but I will use it anyway. This time I really wish it comes to pass.

Ladies and gentlemen all roads lead to Bulawayo Theatre Club on 31 August 2018. One of the citya��s big five in terms of music, Jeys Marabini will be launching his new album Ntunjambila.

Let me hasten to say I have been lucky to listen to the album already. In fact I almost missed the deadline for this column because I would not decide which one was my favourite song. I have luckily had the pleasure of listening to Marabinia��s other eight albums and you ask me I still think Thula Sana still has life in it.

I still cana��t get over how good the song DJ was. Ita��s still my get up song. It goes without saying that Jeys is a performer par excellence. In fact some are already likening him to Majaivana and are rightly calling for support of this local flagship lest we lose him to some island that will appreciate him more.

Anyway, back to the album. The 10 track offering is nothing short of amazing. Ita��s a mixture of all musica��s though predominantly Jazzy. Ita��s pregnant with meaning and is mostly social commentary in typical Jeys Marabini style.

The album was produced by Jeys Marabini, Rodwell and Oktopus. The three are musical geniuses in their District banner. The first song is Ngilinde Ngiyeza which is a love song and will surely be popular with those in long distance relationships. Ita��s a slow jazzy love song.

Those that love imbube and know that Jeys Marabini is a product of imbube will love the second song as he infuses the call and response imbube style. The song is called I love.

He goes on to remix one of his yester year hits Kubukalanga which in its earlier renditions was up tempo and brings it a notch down to sweet rabi music which will prove to be a hit with the mature.

Song number five Sakubona Makhelwane will also prove popular, in fact ita��s one of my favourites, ita��s simple and up tempo with a very catchy chorus.

Please note I have not even written about the title track but now I feel ita��s unfair to even proceed as I feel I am not even doing justice to the amazing album. Those that love to dance there is something for you on the album a song called Jikisa Qolo lami.

For the young at heart a little hip-hop is featured on track number 10 a track called Khutshu Khutshu. The least we all can do is make our way to Bulawayo Theatre on the 31st to support one of our own.

The $12 ticket is a bargain as it comes with a CD. If not for the CD make sure you come for the amazing performance that is guaranteed when ever Jeys Marabini is on stage.

Until next week, be safe! a�� 0772214373 @nkuenkala what is a reputable pharmacy.