Crowds stampede for Magaya in Bulawayo

THERE was near a stampede on Thursday morning at AmaZulu Sports Club in Bulawayo when thousands of people flocked to the club to attend Harare preacher and leader of the Healing and Deliverance Ministries Prophet Walter Magayaa��s two-day healing crusade.

The crusade, which is reportedly punctuated with breathtaking miracles, started on Thursday evening and ends on Friday.

The huge crowd started cramming the club as early as 4am braving the chilling weather waiting for the coming of Prophet Magaya at 5 pm to perform his awe-inspiring miracles.

Some people reportedly slept outside the venue.

The crowd comprised mostly women and children, with some carrying infants unwearyingly waiting to gain entry.

Cars had already started jostling for parking as some started off from Com Oil Service Station along Robert Mugabe Way to the venue.

In the morning there were two gates that were open but one of them was closed, this caused people to rush to the other gate as they thought the place was full and organisers were closing gates.

The venue by midday was near capacity with people patiently waiting in the sun for the evening prayers.

Most of the people were eagerly waiting for Prophet Magayaa��s famous anointing oil that reportedly destroys or breaks bondage, burden, oppression and evil spirits.

When B-Metro visited the venue of the crusade at around 10am people were surging forward and pushing each other trying to gain entry get into the stadium.

Among the crowd were the sick who were being ferried in wheelbarrows with some in wheelchairs.

a�?I came here at around 5am with my sick mother expecting that we were the first but I was shocked when we discovered that there was a long queue as some reportedly slept outside the venue in order to be the first ones to get front seats where they can easily reach Prophet Magaya. I have heard about his breath-taking healing miracles and his anointing oil which drives away evil spirits and that is why I came here with my sick mother so that she can be healed,a�? said Shantelle Mgariro from Sauerstown.

Meanwhile, PHD Ministries spokesperson Oscar Pambuka said they were caught by surprise by the larger than expected crowd which had crammed the venue in the morning before the commencement of the service yesterday at 5pm.

a�?We are overwhelmed by the larger than expected crowd which came to attend the service. People started thronging the venue as early as 4am. Some even slept outside the venue. What I can say now is that people should feel blessed with positive life changing prophecies, miracles and healing that are being performed by Prophet Magaya. Definitely Bulawayo will never bee the same after this crusade,a�? he said.

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