Tsikamutandas burning the snake

Creepy inheritance

A�Hazel Marimbiza
A Kezi family is reportedly at each othera��s throats following a wrangle over family snakes with some calling for its slaughter while the elder brother is refusing claiming it is his source of life.

Philemon Moyo (63) pulled a shocker during a cleansing ceremony when he publicly refused to let witch hunters a�?killa�? his inherited snakes.

Philemona��s brother Joberg Moyo reportedly sought witch-huntersa�� help after mysterious deaths in the family which they believe were caused by the snakes.

A reliable source from the village said: a�?Moyo vowed never to allow tsikamutandas to cleanse his homestead saying they will destroy his late mothera��s snakes.

a�?It was during a cleansing ceremony when tsikamutandas revealed that deaths in Moyoa��s family were not natural, but there was an evil spirit haunting them.

a�?They further announced that there were snakes which needed to be killed, but Philemon refused saying ita��s his inheritance which he cannot live without,a�? said the source.

Following the witch-huntersa�� revelations, other family members were up in arms with their brother who refused to give a nod to the cleansing at his homestead giving first preference to snakes instead of human lives.

When B-Metro visited Philemona��s homestead, he firmly declared that he would never part ways with the snakes as his mother instructed him never to kill them.

a�?When my mother was still alive, she told me never to harm her snakes. They are plenty in this yard and I will never allow anyone to kill them because they are meant to safeguard me. They are harmless,a�? said Philemon.

Philemon said he was startled when Joberg invited prophets to his homestead without informing him.

a�?It shocked me to see Joberg coming with these tsikamutandas to my homestead. Initially he had them because he felt his family had to be cleansed as his son is constantly sick. He believes ita��s our dead mothera��s spirit.

a�?The truth is my children are also dying in a strange way, but I cannot blame my dead mother for that,a�? said Philemon.

He lashed at his brother for inviting tsikamutandas for a cleansing ceremony.

Philemona��s words were cemented by his wife who said they would never abandon the ancestral spirits because of people who were after their wealth.

a�?These prophets envy our large cattle herd that is why they are causing tension in the family,a�? said Linda Dube.

The witch-hunters also prophesied that Philemona��s grand-daughter needed deliverance as she was engulfed by the witchcraft spirit.

The girla��s mother Tholile Dube, blasted her father-in-law saying he was a wicked man who used her daughter as a goblin.

a�?As a mother I expected my father-in-law to give tsikamutandas a go-ahead so they deliver my daughter. He refused and he is a wicked man who is using my daughter for his own benefit. My daughter is now 23 years old and she dropped out of school when she was in Grade One because she never behaved like a normal child. She is just like a goblin. She even loses her speech for days and at times just gets paralysed from nowhere. When I take her to hospital, doctors never see anything wrong with her.

a�?I have consulted many prophets and they have told me she is possessed with her great grandmothera��s spirit.

a�?Unless that spirit is removed from her she will never lead a normal life. I do not know who else will help me because those prophets seemed true and they never asked for money. Even if they had asked to be paid I wouldna��t have had a problem with that because she is my daughter and I want the best for her. All I want is her grandfather to help set her free by allowing prophets to come and cleanse her,a�? said a teary Dube.

According to Dube, her husband who is based in South Africa, was also tormented by Philemona��s decision, but there was nothing he could do to reverse his fathera��s decision.

When B-Metro got hold of the prophets who were at the ceremony, they said they wanted to help the family, but Philemon refused.

a�?We intended to help the Moyo family for free, but conflict arose between the two brothers and there was nothing we could do. We really hope they will resolve their differences because this spirit is affecting the whole clan,a�? said Prophet Mehluli Moyo.

Efforts to get comments from Joberg and the Village Head were fruitless as they were not at their homesteads and their phones were not reachable. torono cialis.