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Creative sector biggest beneficiary during election period

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I know ita��s election time and many things are drowned during such times. I had a conversation with a friend about who has benefited the most from this election and I thought to write this piece.

I personally think the creative sector was the biggest beneficiary when it comes to elections. It starts with the graphic designers, then the printers, then the performers.

Look at the billboards on the streets, that is all creative sector. There were even amazing videos doing the rounds on social media circles done by creatives across the country.

Songs were being used as identity, some creatives have written songs about our politics which have gone on to national acclaim.

All the posters dirtying our streets; the beautiful and the ugly, a creative may have benefited from it.

I also know that in between times art is somewhere at the bottom of the pecking order but no, not during election time. I know for a fact some of us are performing at rallies week in week out.

We are a very valuable commodity these days. Listen to the radio, there is a song or two sang for either the election on its own or a politician or party.

Everything else aside maybe the most creative and potential money spinner would be the design work by second-year student at Bulawayo Polytechnic Mthobi Sibanda. His art work is called Fashion meets politics/ elections.

a�?Although inspired by that they say there was no election vibe I was thoroughly excited by taking different party regalia and adding style with a touch of message.

The photo shoot has serious potential as it can be exhibited either before or after elections.

There is obviously room to improve the whole set design and concept. Most of the messages are about hope and encouraging the youth to be involved in politics. Its fresh, possibly never been done but needs a plan around it,a�? he said.

Until next week, be safe a��. @nkuenkala 0772214373