Court rejects womana��s maintenance suit

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A Bulawayo magistrate dismissed an application by a 20-year-old mother in which she was suing her 19-year-old unemployed ex-lover over the maintenance of their child saying the latter does not have the means to look after the child.

Nompumelelo Bhudaza from Lobengula Extension had her maintenance suit rejected at the Bulawayo Maintenance Court where she had demanded that Keith Manyanda owns up to his duties as the father of her 18-month-old child.

Manyanda, however, heaved a huge sigh of relief when the presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova dismissed his ex-lovera��s plea for $164 as monthly upkeep for their child.

Bhudaza indicated in her summons that she could not afford to look after their child alone and demanded that the court should order the father of her child to contribute a monthly maintenance of $164 to cover the childa��s groceries and clothing among other expenses.

a�?I am seeking maintenance for the child from the respondent in terms of the Maintenance Act (Chapter 5:09) to cover up for groceries and clothing among other expenses.

a�?The respondent (Manyanda) is the responsible person legally liable to maintain the under mentioned dependant (the child) and I wish to claim a monthly maintenance of $164,a�? reads part of her submissions.

Bhudaza apparently resolved to take the legal route after the respondent had failed or neglected to provide reasonable support for his child.

a�?Ia��m a student and I want him to support the child as I feel it is unfair for me to support the child alone despite the fact that Ia��m also not employed. I have been taking care of the child alone since he was born,a�? said Bhudaza.

In response, Manyanda who admitted that he was indeed the biological father of the child however, dismissed Bhudazaa��s claim saying he was not employed.

a�?Although I do admit that I am the childa��s biological father but I am not in a position to look after him since I am not employed. I am being looked after by my family and I am also currently intending to enrol at Bulawayo Polytechnic,a�? said Manyanda.

Manyandaa��s prayers were answered when the magistrate dismissed Bhudazaa��s application saying her ex-lover did not have the means to look after the child.

  • God of War

    Good judgement. Next time she should go for for an older man with the means to take care of his child.