Richard Maseko and wife, Eusebia

Couple retires into football development

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AGAINST a season of pitched jostling for the various football administrative strata posts, Zifa life members, Richard Maseko and his wife, Eusebia Nleya-Maseko, a former Zimbabwe Women Soccer administrator have retired themselves to the development of the game on the outskirts of Bulawayo through a trust.

Just when many acclaimed football administrators both old and young are publicly and secretly angling for the ongoing football election nominations, the veteran duo who have a home in St Petera��s, on the outskirts of the city of kings, have opted for development.

In a trust legal document registered by a notary public as a deed, a copy in our possession, the Zenzele Skills Centre Trust targets to focus the development of the 8-16 years at the four communities a�� Robert Siyoka, Methodist and the two divisions of St Petera��s.

Furthermore, the trust intends to, among other things, help develop decent playing fields, assist teachers who will coach the kids acquire coaching badges and identify and nurture budding football administrators.

a�?We will not be running for election as we believe we are beyond that role in the game. So we have come up with the Trust which will focus on affording girls and boys an opportunity to showcase their skills.

a�?We are targeting the 8-16 years age groups at the four communities Robert Siyoka, Methodist and the divisions of St Petera��s. We will be working with schools mainly to create a better cohesion. We believe it is critical to come up with such a project,a�? said Maseko.

Among the objectives, the Trust seeks to encourage and promote participation of the school going and drop-outs in sporting activities, promote physical fitness, create community and national awareness and integrate football into the everyday life of a youth.

After identifying talent, the trust, seeks to create linkage to the various national teams.

The Masekos are the only couple in the country to have been conferred as honorary members of Zifa, having found love through the sport after the two met at a football indaba in 1999 and since then the two grey heads have been a perennial feature at Zifa meetings offering words of wisdom that has been acquired over the years in sport administration.

Richarda��s involvement in the game dates back to the 1960s working with the late John Madzima and also serving successive Zifa boards as finance director from 1980 until his retirement.

Eusebia, an accredited Caf administration instructor rose from being a secretary of Gugulethu FC in 1995 to a provincial secretary before becoming the secretary general of ZWF in 1997 .The two were honoured as life members of Zifa on the same day in 2011.

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