Couple hangs dirty linen in court

Gibson Mhaka
BEING cheated on is heartbreaking and humiliating, but some lovers decided to use the court as the best place to expose their philandering antics.

Sibusisiwe Mguni and Skhumbuzo Ncube proved how revenge is often the best way to deal with heartbreak when they shamed each other in front of a magistrate.

Mguni, who was seeking a protection order against her husband, courted his wrath when she accused him of being a sleep-around sexual athlete.

Narrating her ordeal before Bulawayo magistrate Adelaide Mbeure, Mguni also accused her husband of sexually abusing her.

a�?I am customarily married to Skhumbuzo Ncube and he has gone violent. He harasses me in front of the children, accusing me of having a boyfriend. He is the one who has numerous girlfriends and every time he wants to have sex with me he does it forcefully. He also threatens me with an axe while chasing me out of the house,a�? said Mguni.

She further said her husbanda��s smoking habit was also affecting her health.

a�?He smokes in the house and that is affecting me as I ended up experiencing chest pains,a�? she added.

Responding to his wifea��s accusations, Ncube said she was the one who was disrespecting him.

a�?I am not in agreement with what she said. I have never insulted her but I will be reprimanding her since she does not respect me as her husband.

a�?She moved from the matrimonial bedroom in September this year and she is now sleeping with our children in the spare bedroom. Even if I greet her, she does not respond. I last spoke to her in October.

a�?All along I suspected that she had a boyfriend until her best friend told me that she had been cheating on me since 2014,a�? responded Ncube.

However, the magistrate in her ruling ordered Ncube not to verbally and physically threaten his wife in any way.