tongani Manyalo

Couple banned from Bank

Vendetta Mtunzi
PERSONA non grata!
Two artistes who happen to be husband and wife have been banned from all Steward Bank branches in Bulawayo for being a a�?nuisancea�?.

Darlington Moyo and his wife Lilian Ngwenya who make up the duo Umhlabathi were contracted by Tongani Manyalo, the manager for the banka��s Fife Street branch to perform during the cultural week celebrations of 22-26 June.

They were meant to be paid an amount to be discussed after the performance but Manyalo gave them a flat $50 from his pocket and trouble ensued.

Darlington Moyo

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a�?Our performance fee was to be discussed later as he had to cover our transport, food and performing allowances. We were shocked when he offered us$50 after the show,a�? said Moyo.

They took the money because they were desperate having walked into town from home in Cowdray Park. The duo has performed in corporate functions before andA� was paid relatively handsomely hence they saw something fishy with the Steward Bank arrangement.

a�?Normally he was not meant to pay us from his pocket because it was a bank function. We were meant to sign for whatever amount we would have agreed on. We asked for an invoice and he took us to some shop where he asked for their invoice book and then gave us,a�? added Moyo.

Lilian Ngwenya

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Moyo and Ngwenya returned the following day asking for a Steward Bank invoice and Manyalo called security to chuck them out.

a�?He warned that we should never set foot at any Steward Bank branch as the security team listened,a�? added Moyo.

Manyalo confirmed dealing with the duo but said he didna��t think the issue would a�?be blown out of proportiona�?.

a�?Yes, I hired them and we had a misunderstanding but please that was it, nothing serious. I can settle with them if ita��s possible as I dona��t want this to blow out of proportion,a�? said Manyalo. cheap generic viagra us. pink viagra in india.