Cops negotiate $4 000 bribe?

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A man from Gweru had a nasty experience after police officers who were investigating his case allegedly negotiated for a bribe on behalf of the accused.
It is understood that the man Pascal Madondoro of Gweru, a gold miner in Lalapanzi was on 25 March this year robbed of gold ore valued at $1 100, camera valued at $150, Samsung cellphone worth $115 and the total value of the stolen items is $1 600.

Madondoro who was at his mine on the day of the incident said 19 men came to his mine looking for jobs at around 10 pm. He told them he could not talk to them since it was already late and proposed that they come in the morning to which they agreed.

a�?They asked for a place to spend the night and I just told them to make fire so they could warm themselves up. After some time they came back and started assaulting me and my workers.

a�?In the process I was struck with a machete twice on the head and they quickly loaded the stolen goods into their T-35 truck and they drove away,a�? said Madondoro

He then went to Lalapanzi Police Station where he reported the matter and was also referred to the hospital.

During the investigation only five perpetrators were caught. Steven Fore (21), Davison Thandi (37), Sydney Mafuta (47), Tinashe Gwinji (32) and Wenston Masundulwane (32).

Masundulwane was however, released after Madondoro indicated that he had not seen him on the fateful day.

However, he revealed that while in the process of investigations some cops persuaded him to accept $4 000 in exchange of one of the suspecta��s freedom and he refused.

a�?I received a call from (name withheld) who said that the suspecta��s wife wanted to pay me $4 000 for her husbanda��s freedom and I refused to tolerate that,a�? he said.

a�?Again on 31 March detectives (two) asked to meet me at Bradlows centre where they lectured me on how I should seek monetary gains from his relatives,a�? said Madondoro.

Madondoro said he wrote a letter to the detectivesa�� superiors complaining of their conduct.

a�?Up until now no police officer has visited the scene of crime and even the truck that was used in the crime was never impounded yet it was there at the suspecta��s place of residence,a�? he added.

In court, Gwinji and Thandi were acquitted at the close of State case as there was no enough evidence.

Fore and Mafuta were sentenced to ten years in prison. Two years were suspended on condition of good behaviour whereas the other two years were suspended on condition that they restitute Madondoro $800 each. The sentence was not only for the crime against Madondoro but for other two crimes that they committed.