Cop demands bribe from rapist

Midlands Correspondent
A police woman based at Mtapa police station in Gweru landed herself in hot soup after she allegedly solicited for a bribe from a rapist.

The cop, Jesca Chiseva, last week appeared before magistrate Judith Taruvinga facing charges of attempting to obstruct the course of justice and she pleaded not guilty.

Representing the State, prosecutor Kelvin Guveya told the court that in April last year, Chiseva was the investigating officer in a case in which Trust Phiri was accused of raping a mentally challenged Mtapa woman.

Chiseva allegedly asked for $20 from Phiri which she said was for paying a doctor in Harare and in the meantime, Phiri was ordered to behave like a mentally ill person so that he would be taken to Harare for psychiatric tests.

Chiseva told Phiri that the paid doctor would then certify Phiri as mentally unstable which would help him evade jail as it was in line with the Mental Health Act.

The issue came to light after Sheila Madziyausva who is Phiria��s mother approached the Zimbabwe Republic Police Headquarters at Development House seeking advice on Chisevaa��s actions.

However, Esau Mandipa of Gundu and Dube legal practitioners who is representing Chiseva challenged the evidence saying that Phiri had already been convicted of rape which showed that Chiseva was diligent and professional in the handling of the matter.

a�?Had my client sought to obstruct the course of Justice, Phiri would have not been imprisoned but acquitteda�?, he said.

Trial continues on 10 April. viagra price comparison.