Congregants pay $1 a�?toll feea�� to attend church service

CONGREGANTS at the Nguva Yekupedzisira Church are allegedly being asked to pay a dollar as a a�?toll feea�? to attend the church service.
The function which is being run by Alfonso Mutasa is located in Gwabalanda in Bulawayo. Pastor Gift Zhovha told B-Metro that Mutasa introduced a system which church congregants have termed a�?toll feesa�?. However, Mutasa has since dismissed the allegations levelled against him by his fellow churchmates.

a�?Everyone is expected to pay $1 at the gate before entering the church every Sunday. Those who pay are recorded down and those who dona��t want to pay or who do not have money to pay are treated as outcasts. They are threatened with being expelled from the church.

a�?Mutasa took advantage of his influence to assume the powers of the church without the church council resolution. The church is not a business place. Right now he is the one who knows how the church funds are being used. We are yet to engage auditors,a�? he said.

Another church member, Zondiwe Nyoni disclosed that Mutasa was not given authority to lead the church, which was formed by his uncle.

Nonetheless, Pius Shumba, the churcha��s secretary general, appealed to members of the church who had since left to come back.

a�?Church members who had left the church are asked to come back. We are aware of the divisions which had been caused by Mutasa but I would like to urge them to come back to the church,a�? he said.

Contacted for comment Mutasa disputed the allegations.

a�?Those are all lies. I now know who has been feeding you with that information from your last weeka��s paper. Let him and other leaders who are telling you the story to continue doing so until they have nothing more to say. When they have finished, you can then come to me then I also tell you my side of the story. My being in the army has nothing to do with the church leadership,a�? said Mutasa.

Vicious power struggles erupted in the Nguva Yekupedzisira Church after the passing on of the founder Chindove who was popularly known as Siziba in 2003. It is reported that the death of Siziba sparked vicious power struggles which led to the church being divided into two factions. cialis 5 mg daily dose.