Community urged to stop fuelling piracy

PRINCIPAL director in the Sports, Arts and Culture Ministry Paul Damasane has castigated the community for supporting piracy saying it is a criminal offence where pirates steal artistesa�� talent.
This was said during the launch of the movie Bicycle ThiefA� last Friday..

a�?Artistes should be inspired by the monetary benefit of using their talent. The community should support by purchasing DVDs instead of waiting to be given. Piracy deepens the real criminal mind. There are criminals who are stealing your talent without you knowing.

a�?People should not buy the DVDs on the streets but instead go to the shops and purchase the original thing,a�? he said.

He said the public should desist from labelling artistes as dull people because almost everyone uses products from artists.

a�?Who said arts should be cheap? People need to understand that art is a multi-million dollar industry where people should treat the works of artistes properly.

a�?Artistes are not dull because teachers use products from arts so dona��t say let me dance because I am dull. Teachers should promote artistes and give them room so that they can fulfil their talent,a�? Damasane said.

The movie was launched at a colourful ceremony on Friday at Bulawayo Theatre.

The 1 hour 30 minute production tells a story of a young village boy Zola who was a talented dancer. He had a dream of going to the city for a dancing competition which was going to enable him to travel to the United States.

His uncle who was his guardian after the death of his mother was against Zola pursuing his talent. However, at the end he is able to overcome all the obstacles and goes to participate in the dance competition where his group comes out first.

The movie which comprises mostly a cast of teenagers, features the late Simon Banda of the Sunduza fame who acts as a teacher and the late Alex Mafu, a renowned music producer.

The production was recorded four years ago.

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