COMMENT: Go Warriors go!

Zimbabwe’s Warriors are going hunting at the Africa Nations Championships tournament in Rwanda and we wish them all the best in their latest assignment. Our Warriors have done us proud before as they performed beyond many’s expectations in the last edition of the tournament in South Africa.

That the tournament is meant for locally based clubs is quite a noble developmental initiative from which African countries should reap rich rewards that include making their leagues more competitive. We believe the team has what it takes to compete with the best on the continent.

However, we would like to urge the new Zifa administration to stick to their election promises and bring us a breath of fresh air in Zimbabwean football.

There is no substitute for preparation since a lack of preparation is sure preparation for failure. Our Warriors are going to Chan without having played a friendly match with another national team to gauge their strength, seeing that we have a new squad of young players drawn from across the country.

Countries that our boys will be up against have been hard at work, playing in friendlies and seem to have had better preparations than our own Warriors.

We should not depend on luck but base our optimism on sound planning and comprehensive preparations. While we applaud the Zifa administration for having sourced and offered financial incentives, we urge the leaders of the association to draw lessons from the previous administration and seek to do things differently.  We cannot do things the same way again and yet expect different results. Going forward, we believe it should be every player’s dream to play for our national teams.

Zimbabwe has the talent but our coaches have to work together so that we identify the right and talented players for our teams and also afford them proper training that sharpens them to stand their ground against any opponent.

Unity of purpose between our coaches should be encouraged so that we have the best possible representatives, not to have some players being unavailable for unclear reasons, or some good players left out under circumstances that cannot be understood.

Despite the unsatisfactory preparations, Zimbabwe shall rally behind the boys all the way and pray for the best under the circumstances.

Sport can do so much for our beautiful country and football as one of the most popular sports sustains a lot of lives while also uniting people under the banner of Team Zimbabwe.

When our teams do well that unity amid joy is so palpable hence the need for those running sports associations to realise how far their influence goes and the importance of sport in maintaining unity and contributing towards the improvement of relations with other countries and improving the livelihoods of our players.

For now we say Go Warriors Go, make us proud.