Mandla The Comedian

Comedians thankful for 2018

Keith Mlauzi
Local comedians can never ask for anything more than what they got this year. Most of them feel they have had the best as far as their careers are concerned.

Regardless of the economic challenges that have punched the entertainment industry seeing so many shows being cancelled or postponed comedians have managed to stand strong.

Bulawayo comedians are grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to them with none of them feeling left out.

Mandlenkosi Mathe, also known as Mandla Da Comedian, who won two awards this year says he could not ask for anything much but be grateful for his career has taken another step on the ladder of success.

“I won the Bulawayo Arts Award and I was the youngest stand-up comedian to win a National Arts Merit Awards (Nama), this is something I have to be grateful for,” said Da Comedian.

The whole continent will get to see Mandla’s talent as he has earned himself some playtime on Kwese Iflix.

“The greatest thing that happened to me is to get my shows being played on Kwese Iflix, this means my talent will reach the whole African continent,” he added.

Carl Joshua Ncube, who recently launched a comedy Online Television Channel with Ugandan comedian Kansiime Anne, is a common face in comedy but he does not have many appearances in his own nation.  Nevertheless, Carl has not forgotten home as he held his 2018 shutdown show in Victoria Falls.

“I have had so many achievements this year, the economy has not shaken me so as a way to appreciate my fans here I had a three-day series of shows in Victoria Falls from the 24th to the 26th of December,” he said.

Dumisani Ndlovu commonly referred to as Maforty believes this year has presented more opportunities for him as he has managed to rock some of the biggest stages in the country.

“I have been on stage each and every month of the year since March. I have not rested. This is a sign that I have grown very much. I was at the Shoko festival then 24 hours after that I was on stage at the Intwasa festival and this was one of my greatest breakthroughs this year,” he said.

It can never be all rosy in comedy land as some had some fallouts which ruined their reputation. Comic Pastor headlined the media with his “lies” regarding Intwasa director Raisedon Baya on service payments.