Collaborate or die: Collabo-writers launch

Nkululeko Nkala

GROWING up athletics relay was my favourite race especially the 400 by 400- metre mena��s relay.

I never ran the races but when cheering I would run on the side track sometimes almost faster than the athletes themselves. Come the real deal I swear a tortoise would fancy its chances with me. Hence todaya��s topic is about collaboration.

One Brett Craig who had spent over 20 years as an advertising executive wrote a book titled Collaborate or Die.

Ita��s one of the best sellers in terms of creative talk and could pass for an arts success bible. In his book he emphasises the power of collaboration and how far it goes in building brands. So I always get excited when a collaboration comes to fruition.

On 11 May at the British Council office in Bulawayo one unique collaboration will be launched. Ita��s called Collabo-writers and is co-ordinated by Multi Media Box boss Kudzai Chikomo who has films showing on Mzansi Magic.

A call was made by Multi Media Box who partnered with British Council and German Society of Zimbabwe in creating the Fiction Book. A relay authoring contest for young Zimbabweans between the ages of 18 and 35 was held. The organisers received 252 entries from all over Zimbabwe and selected the best four.

The winning writers are Lindiwe Dhlakama, Takatso Sibanda, Rejoice Moyo and Banabas Karuma. They were commissioned by Collabo-writers to write a book using relay authoring.

About Lindiwe Dhlakama, Harare

As a writer I am aware of the misrepresentation that African nations, brown-skinned people and women have because too many of our stories are not narrated by us. My goal is to authentically and sincerely tell our stories and those of people who cannot tell their own.

About Takatso Sibanda, Bulawayo buy prednisolone eu. invironmental.ca loc:br.

I am a junkie for good stories. Be it, a good film, book, play or song nothing beats the high that comes from experiencing a masterpiece. Writing challenges me to look at the world and think about things from different perspectives, pushing boundaries and questioning the status-quo.

About Rejoice Moyo, Bulawayo

I trained and worked in engineering for nine years, before pursuing my passion for writing. I was drawn to writing by the need to create, inspire, entertain and educate. My goal is to move readers, in any way, with my work.

About Banabas Karuma, Harare doxycycline dogs.

I am a mother who is an avid reader, loves writing poetry and short stories, jewellery making, traveling and cooking. I studied Mass Communication and have contributed articles to many local publications.

Collabo-writers is an innovative project that connects writers of different background to collaborate in writing creative fiction one chapter at a time. Writer A does first chapter, writer B reads the first chapter and composes chapter 2, Writer C reads A and B and builds Chapter 3 and so on. The exciting challenge the authors have, is to develop a story in the absence of set structure.

The book is entitled Sworn to the depths of Inyangani with an attractive log line which says a�?When Elisha, your average college student, begins dreaming extraordinary dreams, he discovers there is more to this realm than he has always assumed and knowna�?. The book follows the life of Elisha who starts having dreams in which an old woman visits him with a set of inexplicable instructions, Elishaa��s orderly life is thrown into disarray.

The dreams start manifesting into reality as he accidentally discovers the exact same folder handed to him in his dreams by the old woman in his mothera��s study room. The old woman also starts appearing in the physical realm and Elisha is convinced he has to listen and do as instructed. He starts digging. From then on its entertainment and suspense galore. I was lucky to get hold of the copy before the launch.

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