Cleavage, under-butt my foot!

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

I have to start by admitting that I am not a fashionista, but sisters believe me some women are cutting up the fashion rule book when it comes to revealing their cleavage and their under-butt (low cuts) trousers!

As much as anyone would like to show off what their mama gave them, it should not be extreme. When I meet those who go extreme, I often wish I was a fashion cop so I could throw them in cells.

I have always said that people, particularly women, should be careful with how they dress despite the name of fashion.

As a woman, you should always dress in a respectable and presentable manner and believe me you can still look sexy.

Yes, every woman wants to look sexy. This does not mean then you have to dress in a disgusting manner whereby your breasts appear as if they will fall out and if ita��s a low-cut pair of trousers, people will see black buttocks.

It is so embarrassing when you are in an omnibus then you see someone attempting to pull her top trying to cover low cut jeans, revealing straps of what seems to be thongA� undies at the same time showing other passengers scary dark stretch marks.

Surprisingly, a lot of the ladies choosing to reveal their cleavages are mums and one may ask herself, what is it with these mothers wanting to get their racks out?

I know some women in a bid to try and compete with husbandsa�� girlfriends, start going half naked in an attempt to show that they have it all as well. Even if you have got a chance to see your husbanda��s girlfriend, it does not mean you have to copy her style of dressing. Remember you have different personalities with this person and that is the reason she chose to be a a�?smallhousea�� instead of looking for her own man.

Sisters, maintain your own style and believe me the reason your husband is not leaving you ita��s because you dress in a respectably manner so continue and do not get carried away!

No man in his right senses will love going to public places with a half dressed woman who will force all headsA� to turn as they would not be believing what they would be seeing. Extreme cleavage is not the way to go.

To make matters worse, some ladies even when going for church services, still dress in the same manner. Just imagine sitting next to a man or front row in church, you are bound to disturb the flow of the service as pastors are also human beings. You bring dirty thoughts to mind!

Get me right, I am not saying do not leave out cleavage, but I am against extreme ones. The key is revealing cleavage but leaving more to the imagination when it comes to the rest of your body. a�?As the old rule goes, ita��s either chest or legs; a plunging neckline looks sophisticated with a pencil skirt and still gives that sexy look without being too trashy.a�?

When dressing make sure you cover your body in such a way that will leave the man to imagine stripping you of that dress. If you are half naked there is no room for fantasy.

Remember showing a bit of cleavage is a classic look that will never go out of style. But when you get it wrong, you run the risk of becoming the joke of the day or making some people around you feel uncomfortable!

Do not appear like a doll, always make sure the breasts have a natural shape and they should not be touching. As a general rule, the amount of cleavage that should be visible is one or two inches.

Sisters, hope you understand what I am saying. Dress sexy, but still remain respectable!


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