Clean up after the game

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
IMAGINE the mess you find yourself in after a steamy love-making session!

Yes, whatever has clicked in your mind is exactly what I am talking about and the question for you is who is responsible for the cleaning?

It is unfortunate that after the game most couples do not want anything to do with the other partner and they feel business has been sealed for the day. I will love to believe that most people are getting it wrong because cleaning is still part of the game.

You know, this is one of the most interesting things which make anyone feel loved and important, therefore if time permits, clean him.

It is funny that some women do not even know how that monster which makes them scream and call names looks like, so this is a good chance to have a look at it and if you need to thank it for a job well done, go for it.

You know long back, our grandmothers made it a point that they had a yellow cloth which they used for cleaning after the hide the sausage game. Bear in mind that it was not only for cleaning their cookie-jar, but even their partners.

It is unfortunate that nowadays, women only look for a roll of tissue and after the game they only clean themselves and give the man to do the same thing.

The new way of doing it does not really look a�?a�?sweeta��a�� and do couples really have to act as if they were forced or never enjoyed? The stage we are talking about is called post-coitus clean-up.

I believe an organised and loving woman will prepare for the game and make sure that she has a cleaning cloth instead of tissue. He is your man and there is nothing to be ashamed of, go on and clean him after the game.

There are few women who can do this, but a number of men take it upon themselves to do the cleaning. Of course I know you enjoy that, but why not do the same and get to a�?a�?inspecta��a�� it.

All I am saying is that women should also clean up their men and before I wrote this article I did a survey and most of the men I asked said if a woman cleans them, they feel honoured and most of the time it is a sign that she appreciates and will have enjoyed as well.

It seems most women have a bad habit of just jumping off the bed soon after the game and rushing to have a bath. If you are one of those women who act that way, know thata��s a turn-off!

It is as if you are sending a message saying you were not enjoying and could not wait for the man to finish so you could run and clean up his dirt. Really?

After the game, relax and clean your man and if he feels he wants to do the same thing to you let it be because that is the third phase of the game which comes after foreplay and the game itself.

You know men are like children, a small thing makes a big difference to them. If one day it happens that he gets a temptation outside and the woman whom he sleeps with, cleans him after the game, believe me, he will be tempted to return just because of that special treatment of being cleaned.

The other thing which women should bear in mind is putting a towel on the bed before engaging in intercourse, so that when you are done, it will drip on there rather than all over the sheets you are going to sleep on.

If you have a towel on the bed, you will just remove it and continue feeling each othera��s warmth whispering sweet nothings to each other. You have to know that after steamy love-making that is the opportunity to talk about things that are close to your heart and never ever bring issues which might spoil everything, but keep the talk mushy.

You know there are some women whom I think are very relaxed when it comes to the issue of cleaning up. I have heard of people complaining of certain men saying they smelt the cookie jar meaning that they would not have bathed before leaving home. Sisters, take it upon yourself that your partner bathes before going out or you clean him thoroughly.

Sisters, never go in public without bathing after the adult game because you will be smelling bad! We do not want to know about your last night hey!

Anyway, couples should always have fun and some of the days you just have to be adventurous by having your partner pull-out just before ejaculating and leaving the mess on your breasts, back, or stomach. Remember being messy isna��t always bad! All you have to do is clean up!

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